October 31, 2011

A Death.

Please excuse my silence, a dear dear family member, Gary Silverhart died on
Saturday October 29th, 2011.
We dont even know how to move forward at this point.
They say the tears stop, but someone needs to tell my tears to knock it off.
RIP Gary - You will be missed soo deeply *crys*

October 18, 2011

Jumping from my bed...

When I dream of what hides under my bed, I hope it looks just like this guy...
I don't know about you, but sometimes I am afraid to dangle my feet off my bed ... afraid that something will grab me...Yes, I know its silly...but I know sometimes you think it too. We are all kids at heart.

I dont know about you, but my solution is to make sure I have enough clearance to jump. And definitely not to dangle my feet after dark.

But, if I jumped and not far enough & the monsters got me, I'd feel better knowing they look a little like this. Maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't have to jump soo far.

Maybe, just maybe, I could dangle my feet...and not be scared.
Maybe if that something looked like this, I wouldn't be afraid at night.
Are you ever afraid at night?

October 8, 2011

Yo Frankie!

I've been working on some little Frankies...Teensy weensy polymer clay earrings.
So, I'll guide you through what you need to do.......
1. Click on pic of Frankies
2. Buy Frankies
3. Wait for your Frankies
4. Rip open box & wear your Frankies
5. Then & only then will I stop saying the word Frankie



October 4, 2011

Perfect Pot Roast....

Hop on over to Pioneer Woman for the best pot roast EVA...
Just click on the pic...you'll be calling me awesome all day.