March 21, 2009


Once upon a Time....

There were FOUR Rabbits.
Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-Tail & Peter.
"Now, now my NOT run into the garden."
said Mother Rabbit...

"Your father had an accident there. He was put IN a pie, by Mrs. McGregor!"
Oh how I remember that story as a small child. I always wondered who on earth ate
Bunny Pie? Poor widdle bunny wabbits.

By the time, I had my own children, Beatrix Potter was and is still a big part of children's storybooks today. I still laugh when Peter Rabbit sneezes..."Kertsychoo!".....
I mean, seriously. Have you EVER sneezed and it came out as kertsychoo??

Who does that anyway?? It must be a rabbit thing, I'm not sure on that one.

I'll have to get back to ya on that.
Wait a minute, get back here. Your not off the meat cleaver
that fast. I mean hook.
Yes, BUTT of course I'm working on Wabbits, why do you ask?
What picture? Ohhh....T H A T picture!
What do you mean wabbits dont have blue tails??
And why NOT? Where is your imagination?

March 10, 2009

Its Alive.....A-a-a-li-i-i-i-ve......

*Hides face in shame*

I cannot believe Ive been this bad at, do I suck or what?
Ok, do NOT answer that. Pfffttt......

But I have reasons.
No really. I do. I swear.
Seriously, I do.....there were 3 birthdays, 1 party & 1 pneumonia.

What? Come again, you say?
So, see? I have good reasons as to why....
Now, if it was just 3 birthdays and 1 party, well....I may not have been off the hook as easy....but throw in a case of pneumonia....Man....Now THAT's a good reason.

So poor Lauren is the *un*lucky one with the pneumonia.
We spent most of Saturday evening in the E.R.
And for anyone who has kids, you all know that its never "just"
a trip to the E.R. It's like a minimum of 3-4 hours, end of story.

They should hang a sign on the front entrance....Plan to Stay until next season... Plan to stay until your irritated....Plan to stay until your next Birthday.....Plan to stay until you are soo tired of waiting, they have you thrown out for vulgar language and random obscene gestures.

And for as progressed that our hospital here is, you'd think that humans will be replaced with robots soon....there's some bedside manner for ya!
I'm just complaining, I know....It could always be worse.

The E.R. Doc, even spoke English. And spoke it well. Very well.
I always get paranoid when a Foreign Intern waltzes in....I wait with bated breath to see if he can speak English....
Its sorta like going to those quicky nail salons, and everyone's Asian.

But you.....

You KNOW they are talking about you. Or how stupid your hair looks, or they are making fun of your outfit, your shoes...the nail color you picked out, etc.

Oh wow, I guess that's not a great correlation is it?

Oh well you get what I'm saying....dontcha?

So anyway....I had Lauren to the doctor just last week...within 2 days later, she had developed a full case of Pneumonia.
So keep your kiddies checked....without an Xray they would NOT have picked it up, and she would have been hospitalized by today, if we hadn't caught it in time.

On a Beady lil' level....I have some NEW glass to play with!
Calm down, I know how excited you are, but you must get a grip, now.

The new CIM's Berry, and a purple to die for.
Well...I wouldn't really die for it...but if I was into that sorta thing, its the perfect color....all grapey and yummy.

I'll be back.....just hold your breath....

No, slash that. Don't hold your breath, I don't want to be responsible for anything......