September 23, 2008

You get the Picture

Have you ever thought about packing up and leaving everything you know? Just hittin the road.
The road to peace and freedom and a whole new life.
A place that will treat you well, treat you with respect and the love you soo deserve??

Well I have been thinking about it, and well.....I'm goin for it....I'm blowin this popstand....Adios, ciao, toodle-looooo, Godspeed, cheerio, farewell, so long, buh-bye....
You get the picture.

I am taking my 3 children, and starting a whole new life in 10 days.
Yes, 10 crazy, chaotic, eager, wacky, harebrained, loco, busy days. You get the picture.

Goodbye snow, goodbye winter, goodbye ice, goodbye bulky coats, shovels, snowmen, scarves, hats, gloves.....
You get the picture.

I am officially settling 15 minutes from the beach on the
Atlantic Ocean, and I plan to sink my butt in that warm, soft sand until I
cant stand 1 more tiny granule of sand in a place it doesn't belong.
*note to self - buy new bikini & sunscreen*
So that's my story peeps. I'm sticking to it.
I think you get the picture *wink*

September 19, 2008

Something to Cheer About.....

Looky at my lil cheerleader.
Isnt she just adorable, and such a natural, she is!
Its soo cute to see all their little pony tails tied up in bright blue ribbons, all these beautiful girls jumping up & down as if life had not one worry within it.
And man oh mighty, can they kick high!
Wowsa....if I kicked my leg that high, either something would split and spill or I'd pull a groin muscle and need 911 immediately dispatched. Pffftt....
Back in MY Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading days, I could kick my leg soo high and in perfect balance, it was great. Don't be hat'n, cmon now....
You know its not true, lol.....hardeyharhar.
Anywhooo......I can't talk too seriously today yet....
But come Monday/Tuesday, expect some serious dirt.
Until then.....Be good little girls & boys...*wink*

September 14, 2008

Right under my nose......

Isn't it amazing when something is right under your nose, and you didn't even know it??
I've lived off Brandywine Golf Course over a year now. If you ever get a chance to live on a golf it.
The beauty is unsurpassed. Serene, peaceful, calm, green, spacious, gorgeous. At least outside, not inside my house, lol I live in a jungle within, lol.
See mushrooms in post below ;)
Anywhooo.....I've taken the puppy for a daily walk since we got her in April. Almost 6 mos, and I've passed this bird bath at least 87 million times. Probably more. And yet, I have never seen the lion on the side ....a miniature piece of architecture, built right on the side of the bird bath.
But compare it to my life, and its really uncanny.

If you were to see our life as an outsider, we appear to live in a gorgeous home. With gorgeous scenery. The Brady Bunch family, with great smiles and cute fun kids. Right on the golf course. Life looks soo perfect.
But then, right under your nose, is a lion. How can you go soo long & it's right there.....but you never saw it? You pass by it 87 million times, and you never saw what was RIGHT under your nose.
How is that possible. How does that happen to people?
How can you live with a lion, walk past it that many times,
and out of nowhere it ROARS.
I guess we all live with a lion from time to time, sometimes that lion remains calm. Other times that lion bites.
Be very careful of biting lions.
They hurt.

September 13, 2008

Lost in the Shrooms!

I stopped taking care of the mulch outside my kitchen window (for many reasons) and when I stepped outside today, I was in a jungle.
Mushrooms EVERYWHERE. Fungi.
And to think I love mushrooms with my steak. These fungus mountains outside, are downright scary looking.

These are NOT like the mushrooms I eat.
Then.... to add insult to injury, I can't believe that I eat fungus anyway.
How gross. Anyway, about this jungle....
I can't wait to get out of the jungle. It's a mess here. Who wants to live in the jungle anywhoooo? It's crazy and psychotic and makes you feel all anxious inside.
Especially when you get lost in the jungle.
Takes everything out of you to find your way back out.
And it never works out that you can find your way out, the same way you came in.
But it can be done. I assure you.
I am finding my way out of the jungle outside my window.
Life is full things yet to discover, but I prefer to stay OUT of any jungles.
Life is just too short to live among all these big crazy mushrooms.

September 11, 2008

Mr & Mrs Gaylord ~ Rainbow Turtles

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord.
A pair of turtles that is. Mr. Gaylord, well, you can just see his eyes all buggy like men do, looking down, as men do, staring in inappropriate places, as men just know what I mean, right?

Then we have Mrs. Gaylord. Look at her face. I think shes slightly miffed that Mr. Gaylord cannot keep his buggy eyes to himself,
and he's all up in her goodies. !!

Sheesh....go figure, right.

Mr. Gaylords gonna get himself a good smack here real soon, I fear.
If you'd like to smack Mr. Gaylord yourself, he's on etsy as we speak,
or you read, or I speak, or well.....
whatever ~

What a fun pair of lampwork turtles though. I'm on my rainbow
kick again. Colors make me happy.
When Momma's happy, everybuddys happy.

September 10, 2008


I really love love how this bead came out.
If I could just step into the sandy part on this bead, kick my feet back, let the blue water curl around my would be heavenly.
In my ETSY store now

September 9, 2008


I love this chicks work. All her stuff is handmade Ooak needle felted groovy funky pieces.
Here, go see for yourself:
I was right huh? Unless its not your "Thang".....
Her stuff just really grabbed me.
As for free beads this week....
Pffft....not ONE person commented.
Pffft....hurt my feelings.

September 7, 2008

Rag Doll

My daughter got this perfume today at Hot Topic.
Its honestly soo yummy & sweet smelling, I contemplated drinking it, then thought twice.
All that alcohol content, I mean...what would the kids think if I started drinking perfume?
Jeepers, mom's such an alchy-holic., I'd hate to lose my mother of the year award and all, yannO?
Anyway....if your looking for a sweet yummy sugary new scent, then check out Rag Doll....its honestly such a yummy fun smell and the bottle is soo ultra cool!
And no, I don't drink perfume, I do wear it.
For the most part *wink*
Me thinks I may make some beads to match this groovy pink
amethyst bottle though, this week. I just dig that color, don't you?
Comment me....I just MIGHT give some free beads away this week!!!
What's better than getting free beads, and you don't have to show your
Ta-Ta's for them? This ISN'T Mardi Gras yannO!
Whatchoo doin, even thinking about showing your ta-ta's anyway?
I'd hate to see YOU lose YOUR mother of the year award too!

September 5, 2008

Reactive Colors

These soo remind me of a mini Hurricane, don't they you?
Such an array of over reactive colors, sorta like the weather lately.
As much as the hurricanes scare the bejeeby's out of me, I still want
to move to Florida, lol....Who wouldn't want to live in The Mickey Mouse State anyway?

I've been beading every chance I get, unless the weather is of melting temperature. Be sure to jump over to Etsy and buy some beads.
Support your starving artists! Wink.

September 3, 2008

I'm Melting....

I think I'm melting....
It's soo hot here, and not
just hot, its really
H - O - T
A natural reaction to the humidity is sweating. Right?

It's really hard to torch over a 1700 degree flame, and hold your glass & mandrel with sweaty palms.


Therefore, I have 1 lone bead to show you. Notice its in the blue color family, lol....I must be thinking of cooler colors eh?

I will try to fire up again later tonite, after the sun sets, or the anticipated storm rolls in.....
Stay tuned in Tokyo.....I'll throw this bead on Etsy later too....

Stay cool.....Try not to melt. Melting is messy business.

September 1, 2008

Etsy Treasury

I am famous.
Yep, you heard right,
Faaaa-mous. If you look up famous on Google, you'll see my name. That's right.
Ok, ok, so I'm not all that famous, but I'm a legend in my own mind. *winks*
Well, I'm sorta kinda famous...I got chosen out of thousands and thousands of bead pictures to be in an
Etsy Treasury! That's quite a big deal....I am very honored to have been chosen, really.
I was soo surprised when I got the email that I had been hand picked.

After deflating my big head from all that importance, I traveled on over to Etsys Treasury to see what all the fuss was.....lo & behold, there's my Kotton Kandy bead among other artists absolutely fabulous beads.
I was soo elated, I could barely contain my excitement, but after finally calming down, taking a good hard look around The Treasury....

I sat down, emailed the link to all my friends, fellow artists, neighbors and colleagues.
Then said to myself...."What the hell is a Treasury?"