September 7, 2008

Rag Doll

My daughter got this perfume today at Hot Topic.
Its honestly soo yummy & sweet smelling, I contemplated drinking it, then thought twice.
All that alcohol content, I mean...what would the kids think if I started drinking perfume?
Jeepers, mom's such an alchy-holic., I'd hate to lose my mother of the year award and all, yannO?
Anyway....if your looking for a sweet yummy sugary new scent, then check out Rag Doll....its honestly such a yummy fun smell and the bottle is soo ultra cool!
And no, I don't drink perfume, I do wear it.
For the most part *wink*
Me thinks I may make some beads to match this groovy pink
amethyst bottle though, this week. I just dig that color, don't you?
Comment me....I just MIGHT give some free beads away this week!!!
What's better than getting free beads, and you don't have to show your
Ta-Ta's for them? This ISN'T Mardi Gras yannO!
Whatchoo doin, even thinking about showing your ta-ta's anyway?
I'd hate to see YOU lose YOUR mother of the year award too!

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