September 23, 2008

You get the Picture

Have you ever thought about packing up and leaving everything you know? Just hittin the road.
The road to peace and freedom and a whole new life.
A place that will treat you well, treat you with respect and the love you soo deserve??

Well I have been thinking about it, and well.....I'm goin for it....I'm blowin this popstand....Adios, ciao, toodle-looooo, Godspeed, cheerio, farewell, so long, buh-bye....
You get the picture.

I am taking my 3 children, and starting a whole new life in 10 days.
Yes, 10 crazy, chaotic, eager, wacky, harebrained, loco, busy days. You get the picture.

Goodbye snow, goodbye winter, goodbye ice, goodbye bulky coats, shovels, snowmen, scarves, hats, gloves.....
You get the picture.

I am officially settling 15 minutes from the beach on the
Atlantic Ocean, and I plan to sink my butt in that warm, soft sand until I
cant stand 1 more tiny granule of sand in a place it doesn't belong.
*note to self - buy new bikini & sunscreen*
So that's my story peeps. I'm sticking to it.
I think you get the picture *wink*


Jennifer said...

Congratulations Lori!! I'm so excited for you! Counting down the days. . . .

Dawn said...

I'm gonna miss you girl. You better keep me posted. I'll visit when we're down there at my in-laws! Keep me up dated...