December 22, 2010

The new polka-dot hat

I cant get a new polka-dotted hat without showing the evidence.
Sheesh, that would be pure blasphemy....
So, me thinks its the best Christmas present eva' in the whole wide world and I am the luckiest girl who is the proud new owner of my favorite hat of all time. *whew*

Was that considered a run-on sentence?
You know you want one, and I can't reveal my sources....
But if you were me, you'd be coveting your new polka-dot hat too.
So, thank you Secret Santa, you make me smile;)


The Polka Dot Hat

December 12, 2010

The Christmas Village.....magical

In the Christmas Village
My favorite part of Christmas is putting up my lighted Village.
Its like visiting a far away land, full of hope, dreams & pretend.
Typically, Im not this late in putting up our tree & christmas decorations, but sometimes my bad back is in charge.
Sometimes my back screams at me, in the same fashion that I scream
at it.

Then those crazy men in the 'white coats' threaten to put me in a jacket that I can hug myself in. Its such a fashion faux flubber, plus I hate that it ties in the back. What were they thinking, anyway? *winks*

So, what usually takes me a few hours, took ALL weekend, but who's complaining? Oh, right. Me. (laughs)

Christmas Village

Christmas Village....

Christmas Village -Lighted
We set up all the people in the village and it comes out different every year. I love that.
Its what my children love & yet remember more than anything.
The lighted Christmas Village seems to always trump everything else, as it holds a magical quality. Just like Santa Clause. The power of believing is magical in of itself. You dont have to see to believe.

But this year....oh this year, there's a new memory in the making.
I dont recommend it, but if you want memory power, I'll tell the little booger to come visit YOU *snickers*
That way, you will have the memory, instead of me.
And really, I'm ok with it. I share, so your in luck;)

What was the new memory?
I thought you'd never ask.....but, it was a MOUSE!!!!
We never saw Mr. Mouse, but we know he was there. We saw and we believe, because he nibbled & shredded a WHOLE roll of wrapping paper.
Oh, and part of our Christmas tree. That little booger.

The tiny rascal decided to nest in our tree box to stay warm.
I must admit, he proved himself to be a smart little mouse.
He must have spent months, building his home inside our christmas tree box.

I hated to uproot the little guy, no one likes to be forced to leave their home, c'mon.
a Mouse ate thru the tree!
And so, the countdown to Christmas is on.
I'm feeling the Holiday stress of needing to get out to do my shopping.
You too?
I keep saying, "I'll do it when my back stops screaming. I'll do it when I feel well enough to physically stand in the Holiday lines"
I can get near tears with back pain, and no one likes a big, fat crybaby.
Especially at Christmas. Plus, I hate to have my mascara run.

Then it started to snow today. And I thought...its beginning to look
ALOT like Christmas....I dont dare blink, because it will be over.
I dont want to miss it, because I blinked.
First sign of snowfall

I also dont want to run out of excuses to eat chocolate covered pretzels. I'm just say'n.

December 10, 2010

Mmmmm....smells like cinnamon!

Christmas 2010

If you love the smell of cinnamon as much as I do, which might not be possible, because I love it more than you do, na-na-na-boo-boo....
Sorry, I digress.

But, if you add cinnamon scented pinecones from Michaels or Joann's Fabrics (which are pure heaven on earth) & a dollar store 35ct. strand of Christmas lights, the subtle heat from being warm will make your pine cones smell even MORE cinnamon-ny.
(Please note: I am not responsible for any fires if your dollar store lights get too hot or if you choose to fall in the store while getting your cinnamon pine cones, I'm just sayn'...)

Plus, Joann's has all Christmas-related items 60% off this week, so thats a double bonus. I don't even set foot into that place or my local Michaels store without at least a 40% off coupon. I'm sure they know me by name or by the shoddy ink job my printer insists on spewing out, when I print the coupon.

Oh wait, I might be almost outta ink. Damn it.

And when Christmas is over, you can pop your cinnamon pine cones in a clear glass vase with the lights and have a beautiful year round lighted display.
This is NOT one of those reasons to leave your Christmas lights up year round, I know whatcher thinking, so just dont do it.
Please please please refrain, its really a trashy look.

Unless it smells like cinnamon of course;)

December 9, 2010

Sometimes you just improvise...

When we got Kady....

Too short to look out the door...
When your too short to see out the door, sometimes you just improvise...
But, we dont tell Kady she's short. We tell her she's "Fun Size"....

November 30, 2010

You live in the world you create.....

When Autumn comes, I take more pictures than I know what to do with.
I love the colors, the smell and how Fall makes me feel.
We live in the world we create, and I wanted to share a small piece of my world with you.

I hope you remember you are strengthened because of your weakness, brave because of your fears & greater because of your mistakes.
A journey thru my camera lens...

Charlottes Web

November 29, 2010

Life is simple...its just not easy


Fall Collage

You know me, always looking thru my lens, snapping up whatever I see. I realized I definately see the world from a different viewpoint.
Probably because my vision is skewed.
Probably because I cant see properly.
Probably most likely because I always have a camera stuffed in my face.
And you thought I was going to say something brilliant;)

The above sunrise shot this morning wasn't by choice. I was forced out of bed against my will. Also known as sick teenager, but it sounds so much more dramatic if I tell you it was by force and sucked my will to live. Makes you appreciate it soo much more, right?

Plus, nothing says good morning like freezing c-c-c-cold air hitting you, after you've warmed your bed from all night. Don't you just hate leaving the warm confines of your blankets? I know I do.
I will supress the urge to pee for hours, in order to avoid the temperature difference from my cozy-warm bed to the cold bathroom toilet.
I know what your thinking.


But, allow me to share a tip with you.
If you are forced awake for silly reasons like a full bladder, (either yours or the dogs) run to the bathroom, pee really-really fast and dart back to your bed. Move like Flash Gordon.

It will still be warm. I swear. Try it.
You can thank me later.

November 21, 2010


Photo Albums ruined...
2.5 years ago, when I moved from a castle to a matchbook, I put my childrens memories into my Moms garage.
I had no room for their scrapbooks.
I didnt account for moisture which led to mildew and 21 years of lost memories. It ate thru my albums, it eroded pictures that I will NEVER ever ever ever ever ever ever be able to replace. Did I mention ever?

Yesterdays post was a cryptic message about distance.
You had no way of knowing exactly what kind of distance, as it included a critter dressed as a squirrel....
but it was the kind of distance that I didnt know how to quite put into words. Distance that didnt grow fonder with time.

I kept thinking, if I distance myself from how bad the damage was, then I wouldn't keep going thru the intense sadness that creeped into my soul & made me heartsick every time I looked thru my poor albums.
My poor, ruined, mutilated albums.
But more so, my poor-ruined-mutilated-memories.

Gone. Just like that....Poof!
Its written that goodbyes will always hurt, pictures will never replace having been there, memories good & bad will bring tears and words can never replace feelings.
For right now, I dont even have the words for how I feel......

Other than heartsick. Im. so. heartsick.

November 1, 2010

My Weenie Butt

Dogs are Miracles with Paws...

Dont judge me because I take pictures of my weenies butt.
Did that come out wrong? Allow me to re-phrase that...
Please dont judge me because I take pictures of my weenies butt.

Hey! I said please.....;)

Things Dachshunds need to try to remember:
1.) I will not bark each time I hear a doorbell on TV.
2.) My head does not belong in the refrigerator.
3.) I will not sit in the middle of the living room & lick my crotch when company is over.
4.) The garbage collector is not stealing our stuff.
5.) I will not steal underwear from the laundry and run thru the house with it.
6.) I will stay out of the laundry, period.

October 27, 2010

Red Robin-n-n-n - Yum!

Red Robin, Yum!!
October 26th, was my oldest daughter, Laurens birthday.
Its become a tradition as the kids have gotten older, to go to dinner
with just Mom, so Lauren chose Red Robin (Yum!) and I got to smash on some burger seriousness.

Being 17 AND her birthday, I allowed her to indulge in a Whiskey.


Whiskey Burger. Whiskey River Burger. And no meal at Red Robin (Yum!) is complete without a tower of onion rings. And bottomless fries.
Them peoples at Red Robin (Yum!) know the key to any heart is bottomless french fries and a tower. And would you please refrain from anymore Yum!(s) because their commercial is permanetly stuck in my brain, and now yours. Your very very very welcome;)
Laurens Cake

And of course, no birthday ends complete without a graveyard cake and alot of hoot'n & holler'n, I mean singing Happy Birthday.
Thats how we roll.


The Birthday Girl was all smiles and already talking about next year, so I am happy to announce I did something right. Ok, ok, so this is the same child that talks about what she'll get, on Christmas 2019, but I dont hold
it against her.

On each childs birthday, as the clock strikes midnite, I go back in time.
A time when she was born 4 pounds, 16" long. If she curled her teensy-eensy little legs up, she was no longer than a ruler. She has imprinted beautiful memories upon my heart and I wouldn't change a thing.
Lauren is a truly beautiful person to know. She's full of laughter and a smile that reaches from here to the moon.

She even took this picture of ME.
And I thought about how quickly time passes. When you blink, its over.
On Friday, I will celebrate 40 years young.
I say, Im not almost 40....Im eighteen with 22 years experience;)


October 14, 2010

Punk'n Spice Muffins....

Mmmm, hello sexy muffin.
Come to momma.
Since I get a good amount of traffic to my blog, I wanted to entice you with a recipe from my favorite person, Pioneer Woman.
Pumpkin Spice Muffins, topped with delicious cream cheese frosting, that will have you smackin yer Momma for more.
Scrumpdilicious and deserving of your time to make them & enjoy Autumn at its fondest...Comfort food at its finest.
Plus its only fair for you to send me one, so I can make sure you followed the recipe. Whats food without sharing anyway?

What are you waiting for? Get busy dagnabbit.

October 12, 2010

Magnificent Beady Twisties

For all you beady whores out there, I found a lovely fellow-lampworker who makes the grooviest twisties eva.
I'm mc'lovin these....Shout out to Laura!!
I've been making my own twisties out of glass for many years, but this could be an easier way to go bout' it.
Just wanted to share the love.
Aww stop. Your welcome, I'll accept hugs later.

Today is the FIRST day I have felt actually human in weeks.
As most of you know, my health has been a really fickle girl, and I dont like to post too much about it, because its really really whiney stuff....*gags* Plus, when Im not feeling well, I dont want to drag you down with negative stuff...
We all know bad stuff can get consuming and I really try not to talk about it "too" much, or at least over-talk it.
Am I overtalking? Just tell me...its ok.
No really, go ahead.
I have been getting numerous emails since October has hit to make a new baby chimp. I know, I know....its WAY overdue...sighs.
I think people start thinking Holidays when Halloweeny is near, and I agree with the masses, its TIME. Past due.
So, I have set a goal for myself to start work on a sculpted baby chimp thats been jumping up & down in my imagination for quite some time.
See there? All that time I've been sick & married to my couch/bed, has paid off. Plus, I got to catch up on the Jackass marathon.....
(love you Johnny Knoxville) *pitterpatter*

Honestly, who ISNT in love with Knoxville? Unless your dead that is.
I realized how UNdead I really was...thank you Johnny!

October 3, 2010

It was a beautiful day at the Apple Orchard Festival...
Mother Nature was a bit teary eyed, but she behaved for the most part.
Ok, do you want the truth? She was a frigid c-c-c-cold biatch.
"You cant handle the truth!!" (insert best Jack Nicholson voice over)

Other than being a bit chilly & a bit misty, it really was a beautiful day.
Since I had already eaten my weight in carmel apples, before October
even happened, I was a good goyle today and didn't even buy one!
Nope. Not. Even. One. I didn't do it. It took alot of therapy beforehand, but as in anything, if you work hard enough, it can happen.
Or not happen, whichever way you wanna look at it.

Now, im'a wishin I had a daggummed carmel apple!
I have no willpower, I lied. Next time I go to the store, I will get one more of the little boogers to satisfy my addiction.
After that one, I should be good. Or two....but 2 will be it.
I promise. After those 3 - I'm soo over it. Pinkyswear.


My mum had a table at the Orchard, this weekend and sold her weight in gold, holy camoly, its true! Makes me wanna get a table next year and peddle my wares, furreal. I even met a new friend who shares a passion for fire/beedz like I do, and I promised to stay in contact.
I promised and I meant it, cross my heart & no one dies.

Haleigh & Horse

We had hot cider & carmel slushies that were good enough to trigger a whole new pattern of addictions. There was a live band and a camel.
Yes, your ears are clean, I said camel.
And wow oh wow, did Mr. Camel Man have funky kneecaps.

I didn't get a picture (just of the horses) - Sorry, but his eyelashes were SO long, I wanted to braid them to keep warm. It's not every day, you get to see a camel up that close. And he was near humpless, so people could climb up a set of stairs and ride on top. It was very awesome and next year I will ride that camel, I will.

I will also get extra caramel on my apples, drink a dozen cider slushies, shake my fist at Mother Nature & dance around like an idiot, swatting at the bees. See? I told you, you cant handle it!!