October 12, 2010

Magnificent Beady Twisties

For all you beady whores out there, I found a lovely fellow-lampworker who makes the grooviest twisties eva.
I'm mc'lovin these....Shout out to Laura!!
I've been making my own twisties out of glass for many years, but this could be an easier way to go bout' it.
Just wanted to share the love.
Aww stop. Your welcome, I'll accept hugs later.

Today is the FIRST day I have felt actually human in weeks.
As most of you know, my health has been a really fickle girl, and I dont like to post too much about it, because its really really whiney stuff....*gags* Plus, when Im not feeling well, I dont want to drag you down with negative stuff...
We all know bad stuff can get consuming and I really try not to talk about it "too" much, or at least over-talk it.
Am I overtalking? Just tell me...its ok.
No really, go ahead.
I have been getting numerous emails since October has hit to make a new baby chimp. I know, I know....its WAY overdue...sighs.
I think people start thinking Holidays when Halloweeny is near, and I agree with the masses, its TIME. Past due.
So, I have set a goal for myself to start work on a sculpted baby chimp thats been jumping up & down in my imagination for quite some time.
See there? All that time I've been sick & married to my couch/bed, has paid off. Plus, I got to catch up on the Jackass marathon.....
(love you Johnny Knoxville) *pitterpatter*

Honestly, who ISNT in love with Knoxville? Unless your dead that is.
I realized how UNdead I really was...thank you Johnny!

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