October 3, 2010

It was a beautiful day at the Apple Orchard Festival...
Mother Nature was a bit teary eyed, but she behaved for the most part.
Ok, do you want the truth? She was a frigid c-c-c-cold biatch.
"You cant handle the truth!!" (insert best Jack Nicholson voice over)

Other than being a bit chilly & a bit misty, it really was a beautiful day.
Since I had already eaten my weight in carmel apples, before October
even happened, I was a good goyle today and didn't even buy one!
Nope. Not. Even. One. I didn't do it. It took alot of therapy beforehand, but as in anything, if you work hard enough, it can happen.
Or not happen, whichever way you wanna look at it.

Now, im'a wishin I had a daggummed carmel apple!
I have no willpower, I lied. Next time I go to the store, I will get one more of the little boogers to satisfy my addiction.
After that one, I should be good. Or two....but 2 will be it.
I promise. After those 3 - I'm soo over it. Pinkyswear.


My mum had a table at the Orchard, this weekend and sold her weight in gold, holy camoly, its true! Makes me wanna get a table next year and peddle my wares, furreal. I even met a new friend who shares a passion for fire/beedz like I do, and I promised to stay in contact.
I promised and I meant it, cross my heart & no one dies.

Haleigh & Horse

We had hot cider & carmel slushies that were good enough to trigger a whole new pattern of addictions. There was a live band and a camel.
Yes, your ears are clean, I said camel.
And wow oh wow, did Mr. Camel Man have funky kneecaps.

I didn't get a picture (just of the horses) - Sorry, but his eyelashes were SO long, I wanted to braid them to keep warm. It's not every day, you get to see a camel up that close. And he was near humpless, so people could climb up a set of stairs and ride on top. It was very awesome and next year I will ride that camel, I will.

I will also get extra caramel on my apples, drink a dozen cider slushies, shake my fist at Mother Nature & dance around like an idiot, swatting at the bees. See? I told you, you cant handle it!!

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