October 27, 2010

Red Robin-n-n-n - Yum!

Red Robin, Yum!!
October 26th, was my oldest daughter, Laurens birthday.
Its become a tradition as the kids have gotten older, to go to dinner
with just Mom, so Lauren chose Red Robin (Yum!) and I got to smash on some burger seriousness.

Being 17 AND her birthday, I allowed her to indulge in a Whiskey.


Whiskey Burger. Whiskey River Burger. And no meal at Red Robin (Yum!) is complete without a tower of onion rings. And bottomless fries.
Them peoples at Red Robin (Yum!) know the key to any heart is bottomless french fries and a tower. And would you please refrain from anymore Yum!(s) because their commercial is permanetly stuck in my brain, and now yours. Your very very very welcome;)
Laurens Cake

And of course, no birthday ends complete without a graveyard cake and alot of hoot'n & holler'n, I mean singing Happy Birthday.
Thats how we roll.


The Birthday Girl was all smiles and already talking about next year, so I am happy to announce I did something right. Ok, ok, so this is the same child that talks about what she'll get, on Christmas 2019, but I dont hold
it against her.

On each childs birthday, as the clock strikes midnite, I go back in time.
A time when she was born 4 pounds, 16" long. If she curled her teensy-eensy little legs up, she was no longer than a ruler. She has imprinted beautiful memories upon my heart and I wouldn't change a thing.
Lauren is a truly beautiful person to know. She's full of laughter and a smile that reaches from here to the moon.

She even took this picture of ME.
And I thought about how quickly time passes. When you blink, its over.
On Friday, I will celebrate 40 years young.
I say, Im not almost 40....Im eighteen with 22 years experience;)


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