August 31, 2008

Rainblo Bubble Gum

I heart anything Rainbow...especially
Rainblo bubble gum.
In fact, I LOVE bubblegum period! This bead just reminds me of Rainblo bubblegum balls.
Grape is one of my favorite flavors. Then orange, then maybe cherry.
Last time I was standing in line at the drug store, that's when I saw it.
The company brought back the pink bubblegum balls and they were plain old fashioned Bubblegum flavor!
Lawsie Mercy! The Bubblegum Gods love me.
I dont know about you, but I chew bubblegum just for the flavor, and either toss it in the garbage or swallow it, depending on where I'm at.
I mean, one must still act like a lady right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
I musta bought 6 packs of bubblegum balls. I chewed each one for the flavor, tossed it, chewed again, swallowed it, tossed it...well, you get the picture.
Remember the old wives tale, that if you swallow your gum it takes 7 years to digest? If that's a fact, then I will still be digesting bubblegum well after I'm dead..... My intestines are probably all stuck together.
It was then that I realized there had to be a better way to get that bubbleyummy flavor without all the hassel of chewing all those gumballs.
So, one day I'm off doing my "thang"....and stopped by The Andersons to get some fresh sweet corn, wattamelon, grapes, etc. You know the ol' drill.
There I am, husking sweet corn into the big barrel ~when right ahead of me, is a HUGE sign for Salt Water Taffy.
Oooooooo, I haven't had salt water taffy in years! I LOVE salt water taffy!
I grab a bag and decide to load up.
Nothing like taffy to pull all your crowns off your teeth...Oh ya baby!
Screw all that dental work...
It was then, that I realized I must have died and gone to heaven.
Lo & behold, what do I see? But BUBBLEGUM flavored taffy!
Oh hell no!
Life just makes sense at that exact moment...
Who woulda thunk it? Now I get the flavor of my bubblegum without swallowing all that gum, that I can't digest until I'm 200 years old.
How embarrassing, if I ever need an appendectomy & they cut me open only to find my appendix stuck to my liver & my liver stuck to something it shouldn't be. Yuck. How gross is that?
Now I can eat all the taffy I want, without worrying whats gonna stick to what...unless I end up eating 2 pounds of taffy in less than a week.
Um, oops....did I just say I did that? wasnt 2 pounds!
It was more like 3 pounds, who are you kidding?

August 30, 2008

In love with another Artist....

Im in love.


Yes, Again....!!

Don't be hate'n... it happens.
Your just jealous....
cuz I am in love with yet another artist. *(Jumps up & down to wave HI to Jennifer. Note to self: Next time when jumping, wear sports bra)*

The Joker....ahh.........The Joker. A pencil drawing by my friend, colleague & fellow artist, Jennifer of JSJ Studios.
She also drew one of my sculpted clay baby freegan fantastic is that?

Pretty freegan fantastic if you ask me. It takes a special God given talent to be able to draw at this level. I'm hoping that my middle daughter, Lauren will someday be at Jennifer's high skill level....She's a brilliant drawer for being only 14. Hey Jen.....teach classes? lol..... on The Joker's picture, it will surf you on over to
JSJ Studios and you can take a gander for yourself....What a nice gift this would make for a loved one.
Plus, there is only 116 shopping days left until Christmas.

Er...Uh...STOP....Hold the Train....OhMyGoD....What?
116 shopping days left? Holy Shittake mushrooms....

August 28, 2008


I finally opened an ETSY store, can you believe it? Here's yer linky dink.
I'm just a little peeved off at FeeBay, er uh I mean eBay right now....all up in my goodies. Raising final value fee's etc., bologna, I say!
Oscar Mayer baloney. Pfffttt.....Do they think us sellers are stupid?
Lets see...0.20 CENTS to put a listing in Etsy.
$19.95 to put a featured listing in eBay. You do the math here.
So anyway....go take a peek & a gander around the new crib.
Buy something while your at it.
C'mon, help a sista out.....
Pretty Please?
With sugar on top.
And a cherry?

August 27, 2008

Bead Porn

Oooo.....Today's Bead Porn includes 6 of the most beautiful ladies....
I'm sure you'll agree with me...won't you?
Each focal bead is around 1" long, the perfect size for a necklace.
Imagine one of these beauty's dangling off a necklace?....What a conversation piece! I can't even pick my favorite....I'll have to let you know on that one.
But, what about you? Which one is YOUR favorite?
Drop me a comment & let me know....

The 1st person to comment gets a FREE focal bead from ME....
Im serious....
No, really. I am serious.
Did I mention I was serious?
So go the first.
Be a star & get your Beady Porn.....You know you can't wait to
get your grubby lil' hands on one. *Wink - Jab - Poke*
EDITED to ADD: Congrats goes to Jennifer for being this week's
Bead Porn Star! Please email me, so I can get your address and send your bead off.

August 26, 2008

Im in LOVE

Im in love.

*insert best shower singing voice here*
"Cuz I'm in luv wit a strippa...."

No really, Im in love.
Look at this bead.

I said , look at this bead!
There. There.
Arent you happy you looked? I did NOT make this bead. I repeat, I did NOT make it... But I secretly wish I did....(shhh, don't tell Renee!)
Renee of JetAge Studio's did.....AND, AND, if you click on the booty-ful bead, you'll be able to look at more of Renee's work
& drool as I've done ~ all over my keyboard. ~
*Grabs kleenex to clean up spit - and hands you one too*
Oh Renee, I heart you. I soo totally heart you.
I mean, I really love your work! Is it possible? Is it possible, that Im in love with another artist that makes the most beautiful beads this side of planet earth?
Pfffft.....Anythings possible. Hell, look at the rack on my tomatoes! *grins & winks*

August 24, 2008

Tomato Gods

YannO, I'm not real sure what to make of this.

The Tomato Gods have been rather unusual this year.
OK, downright embarrassing.....
On our left we have a tomato with a really nice "rack".
On our right.....ahem...cough...*grin* need I say more?
Lawsie mercy, its just not right to even eat tomato's that
resemble body parts & orifices, It's just not right.

Then we have this big bottomed girl.
Obviously the Tomato Gods have been hard at work this year.
I mean, why my tomato plants insist on producing large assed
and big busted perky vegetables, one has to wonder why.

As to why, we'll probably never have those answers....
But *ahem* can you pass the salt please?

August 22, 2008


Heres the promised heart on a navy blue neckwire. I love these neckwires, they come in all colors and are pretty cheap. If interested go to and you'll find them there. Plus they offer free shipping with no minimum, so thats a plus (+)!
What's cheap? I think they are only like 4-5 bucks....I string them on neckwire, because of the way the hole goes vertically thru the bead. If you need help finding the neckwires,
email me, and I'll help.
Other than that....not much new news.....I plan to torch later, so I'm sure I'll have pics to show you sometime tomorrow.... *grin*
Oh wait. I forgot to shamelessly promote myself.
Don't forget to buy a heart or a rainbow bead. *insert cheesy grin here*
I'm always an email away....or comment me....I'd love to hear from you!

EDITING this post....I thought ArtBeads had these neckwires, but its in fact Fire Mountain Gems. Here is a link to the neckwires I like to use for beads:

They are just under $5 dollars, and come in a variety of colors!
Thanks to Dave for asking...... Smiles, Lori

August 21, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow....

I know alot of you have been waiting on my rainbow series, and it is! These beads came out prettier than originally thought in my head. Bonus!
I'm not even sure which one I like the best. I like them all. Can I have them all? Please, Please! Oh wait, I made them. Nevermind.
Talk about bursting with color.....Im just pleased as puddin'.

I plan to string that turquoise heart on a navy colored neckwire, so
I will snap a pic later on to show you what that looks like, around your neck. Soo cool.

The girls have asked me to make them hearts to coordinate with their "back to school" I need to torch....and go play with color.
Nothing like having a job where you get to play with rainbows.
Too bad, I never find a pot of gold or a lil' leprechaun at the end...
Could be a good thing, I hear those leprechaun's are shady little people.
Im offffffffff............

August 19, 2008


Can you tell we had a blast snapping pictures?
The girls love it when I have a lens in their face....
what usually starts out serious, ends up
with all 3 of us laughing hysterically. You know the type...
That deep belly gut laugh? The one that comes from deep inside?

Laughter is good for the soul. You should laugh each day.
If you have nothing to laugh about, then find something.
I promise you'll feel better.

August 18, 2008

New Hair, New Peepers, New Girls.........

Its been a really really great day......
My girls have been waiting for this day for what seems like an eternity.
Beauty Shop Day! New hair cuts just make you feel like a million bucks, don't they?

It always seems to give you a new look on life, then .......
when you add new glasses (aka peepers) to a new haircut??...
WOW !! Even better.
Lauren kept telling me...."Mom....I can't see....I can't see, I need glasses.... *insert whining here*

"I kept thinking, Yah, just want new glasses because they are fashionable....but I took her to the eye doctor anyway......just in case.
The doctor said..."Yup....she can't see".....pffft.... Figures
There goes my Mother of the Year award....Crap.
But look at my girls...they are soo proud, they just shine....I love it when their eyes light up with high self esteem.

A new haircut makes life feel just right....
makes you feel soo great inside & out.

I suppose new peepers do that to, lol....makes life not only better, but allows you to SEE too! Imagine that...

August 17, 2008

Im Sulking.......

Im sulking.
You'll find me in a corner today with my arms crossed and a biotch look on my face.
Why am I sulking and being such a big baby?

Because I can.
No really......why? Because NONE of my bead auctions got even ONE tiny measly bid. What's even worse....I had like 16 people look at my auction pages on uh, I mean eBay. 16. Pfffffttt....

What do those numbers mean? It means the typical
-August is slow month- everyone's school shopping....but it also means NOT enough people drove into my auction. 16 people ? What a joke.

Where am I headed with all this babyish feeling sorry for myself biotch moment?
I'm headed towards the fact that it seems if you want to get noticed on uh, I mean eBay - you are forced to pay an additional $19.95 to feature your auction. ON TOP of your listing fees.

Lawsie mercy, I mean....hello?? $19.95? It's just stupid.
Even then, there's no guarantee's!
But then again, life has no guarantee's does it?
ESPECIALLY when it comes to making a wage on eBay.

2 years ago, I couldn't keep up with my bead making.....Beads were flying off my torch faster than I could make them.

And now?

*Heads back to corner and stomps feet like a small child -
then smiles & grins, remembering how good an old fashioned
temper tantrum feels*

August 16, 2008

It's saTURDay ! ! ! !

Hello Blog readers....How is your Saturday going??
We are doing what we do most saTURDays.
What is it you say? Absolutely NOTHING....its what we do best, lol.
Everyone sleeps in, wanders around in jammies till noonish,
eats brunch & either watches the boob tube or watches the boob tube.
Nothing exciting, but that's how we like it. Sort of a relaxing day after a stressful week....Stress is evil.
Evil I say......evil.
Did I mention that stress was evil?? I spose I did.
On a beady little note, I have MORE beads to show you!
Can you believe this crap? What IS wrong with me anyway?
Beads 3 days in a row? Insanity at its best. Maybe its cuz I'm stressed.
Did I mention stress is evil?
Dont forget to place a BID on the new beedz on eBay....Click on picture!

August 14, 2008

I dont dream in B&W

This is crazy. I haven't made this many beads in 2 days in roughly 2 years.
What's wrong with me? ALOT! lol.....but I'm at peace with that.
I guess, creative inspiration hit and I'm flowin with it.
More necklace focals....Im on a roll....literally.
They claim that humans dream in Black & White....
I must dream in color, because color combo's come to me in my sleep.
And anyway....HOW on earth do they know that people dream in B&W?

I mean - seriously.....don't they know Artists dream in color?
Heres the link to 5 of the bead auctions: eBay

August 13, 2008

Eyeball Candy!

I am soo tickled pink with how these came out. Wicka-Wicka Sweeet!

I have finally dusted off my poor lonely torch & free'd my glass.
Let it go.
Let it flow.
Sorta like I've approached life lately. Learning to adapt & remain flexible. Finding a mental & emotional balance without an attachment to specific outcomes.

Flexible attitudes build flexible physiology. Flexible physiology means more resilience in times of challenge or strain. Staying open—emotionally—insures internal flexibility.

Life is about learning, taking risks. Without risk there is no gain.
Exactly how I approached my glass last night. Took a risk without worrying about the outcome.

The pink & black focal is the longest measuring in at 1.5", with the others run real close in length.
Wire wrapped and to your door for $20.00 a piece.

August 12, 2008

Stay Tuned.........Evening Post

For all those bead whores checking my blog, I will have NEW
beads tomorrow afternoon. I made some wicked cool glass tonite.
I cannot wait to peek into my kiln and see what sort of magic comes out.

Stay tuned, it will be worth your wait.
I may even offer a Freebie Friday soon. *wink*
Goodnight ........

Apricot Brandy

It was Teresas 87th birthday yesterday. If you haven't guessed yet, she's the one with the birthday cake hat on.

Which is somewhat of a tradition in our family. Remind me later to tell you. We had marble cake & vanilla bean ice cream. Good times. When are birthdays not a good time??
I love excuses to stuff your face full of cake.

Your wondering about the Apricot Brandy aren't you? This is Teresas sister, Liz.
Liz is 94 years young. She's not only still driving & has full memory but she's full of life & laughter. She tips back a shot of Apricot Brandy DAILY.....
Ninety Four! Amazing....she looks great.
I think I'll take up drinking. Its gotta be the apricot brandy. Its gotta be.
I love excuses to drink alcohol.

August 11, 2008

The Magic Within Ourselves..........

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Totally NOT my style huh beadwhores? Not at all. Reminds me of a dee-lish ice cream sherbert...or sorbet....Makes you want to lick it.
Ok, not really. I don't need you going around telling everyone, that Lori licks her beads, because she doesn't!

At least she doesn't when anyone's watching *wink*

I drive myself crazy with trying to make my glass perfect. Trying to make it flow how I want it to flow, instead of letting it free. There's something magical about letting glass be free.

Instead of letting it flow where it may want...I force it. Forcing anything is never good, and the results can sometimes be disastrous.

My mother forced me to eat Spam as a small child.
I gagged, then I threw up. Pffft, I showed her!
Whoever decided to put meat in a can needs to be freegan shot.
Like I said, force is never good.
Some thing's cant be forced.
I need to learn to be more free...let things flow.

The appearance of things change according to the emotions and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.

August 10, 2008

Think Pink!

Run, do not walk. Do not pass Go, do not collect your $200 dollars. Think Pink is Sarah Horniks new E-book on working with Rubino Oro, and worth EVERY penny! If you click on the picture, it will take you directly to her ordering page.
Trust me when I say, its worth it.
Plus it gives you all these great excuses to buy more glass, and well.....who doesnt need more glass? And who needs excuses anyway?

August 7, 2008

Well, We're movin on up....

Well we're Movin' on Up!
Mov'n on up....To the Blogger East Side....
To a dee-luxe blogger in the sky-sky....Yah, were mov'n on up....

We've finally got a piece of the pie!
Fish dont fry in the kitchen, beans dont burn on the grill...
Took a whole lotta tryin' just to get up that hill....

Oh man, who remembers that song?.....From the Jefferson's?
Shit, Im aging myself aren't I? Oh, Shut up.
Basically, my wonderful customers who tour my Blog frequently
on my website, have been re-directed here. Do you feel violated ?

Awww...Im sorry....I know we all resist change, but this is good change.
So, without further a-do, welcome to The New Beedz Nest Blog!
Im going to get more active in my beadmaking, satisfying all my bead whores, and I know most of you miss my blogging, so I'm doing my best to blog more often.

Some good things are getting ready to happen in my life and I'm feeling better after a long hiatus in 08', its time to rock n roll my peeps.

August 6, 2008

Xtra Long please....

Oooooooo Nelly. I cannot wait to use this press, that I ordered from
Zooziis on Monday. And yes, like lightening, it came today.
I heart you Amy O.
Its the XL Kalera, in case you were wondering.

I wonder if I can make these with my new XL press?
Probably not, but the thought was there.

August 5, 2008

Kandy - Our Puggle


Kandy....Our 6 mos. old Puggle....Half beagle, half pug....has a sniffer

like a beagle, lol.... If you haven't ever had a puggle, GET ONE....they are truly great loving adorable dogs.

Lawsie Mercy!

I had this whole dagblasted thing built, and then lost something along the way of thinking I could put in my own HTML....pffftt.....what was I thinking?

Im going to bed, I'll tackle this baby in the A.M.
See you then.............