February 21, 2010

Epidurals & herniated discs......

Im soo sorry to my blog readers, that I've been MIA.
As most of you may know, my MRI results were NOT positive.
I guess that explains all the pain.....WOW...

Ive got herniated & bulging discs from S1-L5....w/joint degeneration.
SEVERE neural foraminal narrowing on the right side, and abnormal cord signals. The nerve damage is starting to progress on the left side as well.....*Big heavy sigh*

The doctor withdrew a pocket of infection from my right hip last week, and they can NOT get a reflex from the rt. leg anymore.
The signal from my brain to my spinal cord to the leg is a little confused, sending the wrong signals. Its very frustrating.
Its soo weird to sit on the edge of the table, and watch them try to get a reflex, and the leg just sits there like a fish out of water....ugh.
So, my days are beginning to consist of Neurologists & Anesthesiologists.....

They are going to do a series of 3 Epidurals into my Spine & we will be discussing surgical options in the next few weeks. Im really hoping the Epidurals will help ease the nerve pain, and I can get back to life as normal.

Ive thought of all my readers often, I just cant sit or stand in any one position for long, so it really affects what Im able to do.
I am hopeful the epidurals will work, and the surgery will be effective.
Thank you to all who are soo devoted to The BeedzNest Blog.
Your prayers & positive vibes are soo appreciated during this difficult time.

February 9, 2010

Mother Nature Dumps....

Mother Nature Dumped and IS Dumping, lots of the fluffy white stuff today!! Which translates to no school and not having to come up with good excuses as to why you never got dressed today.
I love pajama day and Mother Nature definately came thru.

Did you know that if you peer thru frozen ice droplets, they magnify their surroundings? I guess its sort of like reflecting, you never know what you might see or find. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But always interesting....
Mother Nature is the perfect Storm.....
Unless She dumps 100ft. of snow, like She is today. But I love snow.
I really love snow. Unless Im forced to dig my car out, well, then I really love snow. And pajama day translates to leaving the car snowed in.
Speaking of dumping & Mother Nature, this chair is taking an Icicle Dump, how funny is that?
I know, I know...."Only YOU would notice something like that." Gives more meaning to Mother Nature DUMPING doesnt it?

February 2, 2010

Mak'n Babies....

Im not hiding, I swear....
Ive been working on a new baby for the past few days.

Click on her picture, to go to eBay, & check this little sweety out.
At only 16", she's a wee bundle of love....enjoy!