August 18, 2010

Flying Lessons

I took flying lessons and so should you.
I cant encourage you enough to just do it...
Jump & take the leap, you wont be sorry.

August 16, 2010

Etsy Treasury....Aww Crap!!

My Etsy Treasury

Aww Crap!! (*insert best fat bastard voice here*)
I really had to chuckle on this one...
I got an email today, that I had been included in an Etsy Treasury
under their "fecal matter" section.
OMG, ok, gross, mmmm I know. *wrinkles nose*

And why do they even HAVE a fecal section? Who knew?
Thats just some nasty crap, I tell you.....nasty!
So we'll just say Flys & Poop beads made the crap cut and
its just soo comical, especially when/if your having a crappy day, lol.
The irony is soo right on.

Classes for me started today....its gonna be a full time job, but a fun one.
Since my back wont allow me to physically GO to the skool yet, I took everything online...12 credit hours.
Plus factor in, I haven't been College edjamacated in over 7+ years!!
But the diversion will be good for me...dealing with chronic pain really
wears down the body, mind & soul.

I hope you enjoy the Crap Screenshot from Etsy.
I never even knew how to do screenshots till today *gasps at the horror*
Life is funny like that sometimes....

August 12, 2010

Hope, Giggles & Coffee........

Lori Nicolls

:::My eyes change color depending on weather & mood
:::today was a good day, I dont get many of those & Im thankful.
:::with good days come lots of smiles, giggles & prayers to God for more of those, please, please, please, Amen & Thankyou.
:::wondering if everyone melts in this humidity or its just me
:::wondering if everyone gets as irritable as I do in this humidity
:::navy blue is my favorite color
:::ink blue is the prettiest glass ever made in my book
:::hoping for less back pain tomorrow
:::and no more spinal procedures
:::hoping I will sculpt new babies this fall
:::confession: thinking about becoming addicted again to my friend, coffee. I love coffee. I miss my friend.
:::Some addictions are just plain good.

August 10, 2010

Freakin .....


::: Because free is freakin good ...
::: Cuz she's been round these freakin parts way too long and she's got
a freakin complex, thankyouverymuch.
::: She needs freakin love and I chose you...
::: Freakin email me at with the words
Freakin' Free to be entered in the free drawing.
::: Or freakin Facebook, whichever is freakin easier.
::: I will draw freakin names on Friday the 13th
::: Holy freakin crap, I just realized it was friday the 13th this friday.
::: Freaky.

August 7, 2010

At the end of my lens.....

Ive been incognito...sorry ma' Beady Peepz.
Another spinal procedure, life on hold, blah to the blah, blah....
But before I ended up in bed, I had the absolute honor to be called
in to do a wonderful friend of the family's, Senior Pictures.

Some people need time to butter up to the lens, but not Morgan.
She's a natural beauty and my camera & her got along very quickly.
She's a natural and I'd love to photograph her again soon.
All I can say is, Thankyou for allowing me the honor to celebrate in
such a priceless moment. The honor was all mine.

And with that mush & goo....stay on the prowl.
All this pillow time with my back has bred up some fascinating new
arty idears. I cant wait to show you....
it will be well worth your wait time;)