October 31, 2008

Your Robe, Thy Honor....

Ever feel like you live in one of those sappy TV Soap Opera's?
You know the type..... full of all sorts of crazy people, ideas, love, hate, judgements and every sin available to man?

Yah, you probably can't relate....but many can

I know, that I can, lol.

Then again, I'm not your normal person either.
Im a person that is FULL of mistakes....Im human.
Far from perfect, then again I never claim to be perfect.
Who is anyway? Who hasn't made mistakes?

I will be heading back to Ohio....LONG story...you'll have to watch
the FULL show to know exactly what is going on.
But thinking of the FULL show....

Notice how people always have an opinion of YOUR life?
Those people that "think" they know ALL about you and make false assumptions on what they see, or THINK they see & know....but the truth is, they DONT know. They cant know.....
They do NOT wear the judges robe to judge you and to know you.

Its impossible to know exactly, someone elses life.
Unless they have super powers and well....then we get into all that talk about capes instead of robes....

Why? Because they've NOT lived MY life from the moment I was born to the moment I had a birthday on Wednesday.....(Happy Birthday to me!)
No one has walked thru my crazy childhood on thru my crazy adulthood.

No one, but me. And I've done the best I know how with what I have.
I can either beat myself up for my mistakes or I can grow and move forward and do my best.

I am a person that is full of mistakes, no getting 'round that, lol...
but out of my mistakes, I have 3 of the GREATEST kids on earth.
And my kids will make mistakes too. You may even make a few here & there....*wink*

But honestly, my kids are amazing.
They've pressed thru some crazy years and in the end...
they are all still amazing.
Timothy and I were laughing about that, just yesterday.

Tim's ready to head back to Ohio...& so are my girls.
But Florida was good to us. No, Florida was GREAT to us!
We got to see alot, do alot and we've had a buttload of fun.
It turned into an extended vacation, is what it was....and now we are headed home.

Home where our friends & family are, and many will have ALOT to say about it I'm sure....but until you've lived in our life, walked in my croc's and know exactly what goes on minute by minute, your not allowed to be a judge.

I don't judge others by their mistakes or their paths, I have enough to worry about on my own damn path, lol
And in the end....those that judge will BE judged....

Hopefully I'll be back on my blog full time within the next few weeks....
Stay tuned.

Buckle your seatbelts, fasten them tight, the ride is about to begin.

It may be a bit bumpy, but its gonna be FUN!

And to the judges.....step back and take off your black robe.
Put down your mallet...there ya go....put it down.

Gently.....shhh.....there, there.....now look.
Under that judges robe, YOUR a real person too!

Who knew??

October 24, 2008

100 Feet Tall

This picture looks out my back door.
100 foot pine trees nestle themselves all over the property.
They are truly beautiful, except for the pine needle droppings everywhere.

Onto my point here....
I'm a big Croc fan. You know what I'm talkin bout....Croc's?
Those comfy shoes that everyone wears?
I admit it. I am a crocaholic. I admit that I am defenseless over my Croc addiction. I will put no other Croc's before me....Pffftt....and you thought I had a point, lol...*smiles*
I wear my croc's religiously. You know that crocs have holes all over them, right? Ok, Good! Imagine walking thru pine needles while wearing holey shoes. There ya go! You got it. *hands you a cookie*
I am constantly bending down pulling pine needles out of the holes in my shoes.
I can only imagine what my new neighbors must think, lol....

"Look, honey, theres that new girl bending down again, isnt she just weird?
I think we should stay away from her."
Ok, ok, maybe its in my imagination, but at one time, Croc's actually helped my aching back.
Um, Yah.....Not anymore!

October 23, 2008

Hot Dog!!

I know I know....everyone dresses their weiner dog in a hot dog costume, right?
How can you not?
Its just too darn funny!
Im sure now the poor girl has a self esteem issue, but isn't she cute? lol....*laughs*

October 21, 2008

New addition to our Family

Look at that face. How can you deny that little hot dog precious face? Well, you can't, so guess what happened? Yah, Uh-Huh, Yup....correct.
That precious little hot dog face came home with me Saturday. I'm such a sucker, what can I say?
I named her Kady in Kandy's honor. We wont talk about Kandy, it's too painful ;(
So, Kady is a 16 week old miniature Doxie. She's full of life, sweetness & wet puppy kisses. Such a loving baby and the light in my eyes these days.
She really filled a void I had in my heart, and sometimes the love of a puppy can be the only one thing that fills that open void.
I don't have a scale with me here, I didn't bring it on our move, but if I had to guess I'd say she's not even 2 pounds big.
And of course she's long like a ferret which makes her even funnier.
I will post more pictures of her this week, but I just HAD to show you her little face. If you need to find me, I'll be the one on the floor getting all the puppy kisses from my weeny hot dog. I know your jealous *wink*

October 16, 2008

Mother Nature

I guess part of living near the ocean comes with gambling cruise ships. Who would have thunk it?

So I went on The SunCruz Casino boat that putters out three miles into the Atlantic Ocean before they can even flip a card or roll a pair of dice. There is NO gambling in the state of Florida, so you have to be out in international waters. It was a beautiful evening, the intercostal waters were calm, serene, peaceful. Ahhh.....I love living by the ocean.

Let me rephrase that....I love living by a CALM ocean.
I have developed a new respect for Mother Nature and her ways.

There were all kinds of boats docked....I started to think I was on the set of The Deadliest Catch. I love that show....but only ON TV.
I look around me to see smiling faces as the boat leaves the dock and cruises out towards the Atlantic ocean...
Music is filling the air and my ears, food is being served and everyone is in a gay mood. (Ahem...gay as in happy)

I'm not exactly sure how it started or when it happened, but the calm ocean turned into the angry ocean and the gay, happy people that were swaying to the music were now swaying to try to stand still on the boat.
I see people digging in their pockets or purses for Dramamine.

I see the previously tan people turn a shade of green that matched the billiard tables and its as if I can hear everyone's stomach screaming at them.... I didn't feel as sick as I did dizzy. Now, I knew I hadn't been drinking, but being on that boat made my question my sobriety.

We hit the 3 mile marker in the ocean and I'm not sure who Mother Nature was pissed at, but I wasnt so sure I even wanted to know anymore....
I started contemplating jumping overboard. I was estimating in my dizzy head how long it would take the Coast Guard to come rescue me, if I was in the water.

I chose NOT to jump and instead stumbled across deck to find a chair.
I cannot imagine how stupid I looked "trying" to walk a straight line and simply sit in the chair, only to end up hanging on the pole and my friends in an attempt to sit down, lol.

Once seated I felt a little better, but watching people get sick, usually does a person in. I ended up sitting in that damnblasted chair for FOUR hours that night, unable to move, all because Mother Nature was in a pissed off mood.

I saw alot that night. I saw the well put together jocks stumble and forget their pride, I saw the smiling stripper girls who came in 4" stilletos and little tight skirts, stop smiling & wishing they had panties on under that tight skirt. I assume they didnt expect to be sitting down that night, lol.....

And to top it off, I saw one of the Poker Dealers PASS out cold and hit the casino floor. You know its bad when the Dealers pass out and a wheelchair is brought to rush them to the Medic.

Finally I saw a force not to be reckoned with.

Mother Nature. Do NOT mess with her, she means business.

October 13, 2008

Finally HOME

It's been a long journey.

I am finally home sweet home.
I arrived in Florida a lil' over a week ago, but didn't have internet and honestly I feel like I've been gone a year shy of forever.
Lol, if that's possible.

Soo much has happened, soo much to tell but for now I am laying my head down to sleep. Moving still seems knee deep. My boxes I will not keep.

I'm rhyming, it's obvious I'm over-tired, lol...

G'nitey nite for now....
I have lots of stories to tell, so stay tuned in Tokyo
Or Florida, or .....well......wherever............