June 25, 2009


Ever just have a bad day, err, uhh, I mean YEAR?

Umm, ya....sorry for the NON Blogging lately.
(P.S....for my customers waiting, I AM sculpting a newborn baby Monkey)

Will show pics by next week!

For those that like to follow me health wise, I am taking a new drug called Savella.
Its indicated specifically for Fibromyalgia and has a light anti-depressant in it.

I "think" its helping.....I'm sleepy though on it.
Sooo sleepy, that I fell asleep at the wheel last week.
My foot slipped off my brake, and I hit the guy in front of me.

Boy was he pissed off.....

All I can say, is THANK GOD I wasn't driving fast, or merged left of center.
Praise God. It could have killed me!
Sure was a wake up call, and a big thanks to God for giving my Guardian Angel
overtime that day. I know the economy's bad, but please give our Guardian Angels
LOTS of overtime..... It saved my life.


June 4, 2009

Oooooh, Purses, Hand Bags & The Bomb-Sniggety!!!


So, Mum & I, are at JoAnns Fabric Store, looking for ....um....oh hell-O, I cant remember.
When this PURSE pattern jumps out of the rack, and literally lands in our lap.
It was amazing, I've never seen anything quite like it.
Ok, ok....so it didnt quite go like that.....but stay with me here.

Mom has the pattern in her hands, and it creates MONSTERS, out of 4 Un-Suspecting people.
Those 4 being, Mom-Me-Lauren & Haleigh.....(soon to be YOU!)

And I'm not shamelessly promoting these purses, these handbags are
like 'Purse-Crack'.
You can NOT get enough of them....

They are like Caffeine, Redbull, Speed, Mountain Dew...
whatever your poison, these are IT. And I mean, these are IT.

Did I mention these are it?

Ok, so here's the deal-liO...Mom makes the Base (purse).
Think of it as Home-Base. So, HomeBase comes in multitudes of colors.
And as you can see, homebase, is a quilted type nice thick base....
Black, Navy, Olive, Cream, Red., etc....I chose black, as did each of my girls, and
Mom made herself a navy blue one. And seriously....it doesnt matter what color your base is...

These are IT.

Is there an echo in here?

So, once your base is made, you can see the buttons, surrounding homebase.
Eight buttons (4 on each side). Those buttons, button ON your choice of fabric.
a.k.a.-Sleeves............Then you can choose a 1 big button tab closure...or, well, talk to Mom.

Now, this is like having a NEW purse each & every time, that you change purse sleeves.

Freekin fantastic, because I get bored with the same ol' purse.
I now have 3 sleeves and have changed my purse to match my shoes.
I know, yes....shoes. I have not only a shoe fetish, but now I have a purse fetish.
(thanks Mother-if your reading this ;)

So, the lime green above, matches my Green Crocs.
My blue one matches my navy Converses.
Do you see a pattern here? Yes, I need help, but honestly, I'm ok with it.
I admit my insanity....really I do....

So, you go to http://www.roseannscreations.etsy.com/
and you order your base purse.
Um, ya....like now. Go on, you know you want to.
And if your anything like me, the Economy does NOT exist when it comes to
Make-up, Converse Shoes, A&W Rootbeer, my Taffy and PURSES.....

So, for less than 50 bucks, for a handmade boutique style quality purse,
you get homebase, one sleeve, and then you can "convo" Mom at Etsy,
and if you dont see a sleeve in her store, that your totally Jonesing for,
then tell her what you have in mind. Mom has the hook-up.

Me? I'm looking for Garfield material....I MUST have a Garfield Purse....
Oh, Oh...& Smurfs! Omigod, am I aging myself? Remember

Smurfette? Papa Smurf....? I loved the Smurfs!

Why are you still here? Get on over to Moms eTsy store....
We ALL need a new addiction!!!


Get outta here......................just GO.
Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars, GO straight to Etsy....
Wait, hold up.... strike that....$200 dolla' buy alotta purses!!