December 23, 2008


You know your boring when your own dog falls asleep at your work table.

More SnowPeeps? Does it ever end?
Apparently NOT. They are just too fun.

Aww....don't you remember being a kid and laying in an untouched powdered snow section that has no yellow spots, moving your arms and legs up & down, and it looks like a real angel?
I miss being a kid.
Whoever said it was fun to grow up....Lied.

Why have I named them?? Because it makes it easier on my SnowPeep Mommas by pointing them out by name, instead of being frustrated by trying to tell me colors of what they want. I did NOT realize the pink for their cheeks was that pink! Yow. I guess its colder here than what we thought.....Poor SnowPeeps. At least their ears are covered. Nothing compares to having an earache in the cold weather.
Brrrr...can it get ANY colder??
Last I checked we lived in OHIO, not Alaska. Dammit.
I have ONE more gift to get, and then we are done. D.O.N.E.
Buying for 5 kids and making each gift special and one to remember isnt always as easy as it sounds. I just cant wait to see their faces when they open gifts.
Speaking of kids....Gary just cant wait until Christmas to give me his gifts.
He's like a fat kid in the donut shoppe....But I can't complain too much.
He did gooooood. Then again, he always does. That's my Gary.
Anyone else have more shopping to do? Wrapping gifts yet?
We got all of our Holiday hard candy made...Cinnamon, Cherry, Peppermint & Orange. Its soo much fun. And yummO good!
I'm making a HUGE beef tenderloin for Xmas Eve...pure heaven on your palatte. I have to finish my food shopping tonite, squeeze in my Kolacky Cookies, prepare for a house full and hide from the Hospital Lab.
I have NO more blood to give. I'm bruised and sore.
Tapping into bruised veins is NOT a good time.
I wouldn't recommend it.
If the hospital calls you and asks if you know where Lori is.
You lie.
And you better lie well.....

I'm counting on you.
Merry KissMoose and Happy HollyDayz.

December 15, 2008


So I get my blood cultures done today.
They cant use just ONE vein. Oh no....must be against vampire protocol, they had to use THREE veins.

Plus they have you sit in this high chair in the lab, and then move this wooden arm like apparatus across you, sorta trapping you in your seat.
There is nothing worse than being trapped in a lab chair while watching a sharp needle approach your vein. All while having your arm tied with this HUGE rubber band I believe they call a tourniquet.

Oh good times.
So before Miss Vampire taps into THREE veins, yes THREE....the number 3....I ask her for her bloody credentials.
Oh please, like you dont when someones coming at YOU with a sharp object to take your blood out of your body.

First poke, good. Goes rather well....I'm not feeling as trapped.
She drains the blood from my right arm and immediately starts in for the left arm.

Eeeeeekkkkk, STOP. I have NO good veins in my left arm.
Problem. I'm starting to sweat at this point.
Hoping my deoderant is kicking in, thank God for anti-perspirant!
She manages to drain my left arm, and grabs ANOTHER needle to drain the RIGHT arm AGAIN.

Holy crap lady, I have NO freegan blood left!
My veins are hiding by now, Im sweating like a whore in church and I'm STILL trapped in the lab chair.
I'm totally hating life right about now.

I'm now counting....
Most of you remember The Count? Oh yeh, from Sesame Street?
He would laugh maniacally, "AH AH AH AH AH!" as thunder roared overhead and lightning flashed.
I am now thoroughly expecting the number THREE to appear on the TV screen......Three! The number THREE!.....3 3 3 3 3 3 3...... as a bolt of lightening flashes thru the lab....In fact, I think I did hear thunder?

I think I DID see lightening....Omigod, I'm delirious because they took all my blood.
I'm seeing & hearing things, I feel faint. Bring on the smelling salts.
The lab girl is a shade of Purple and her head is sort of football shaped, like Stewie's on Family Guy. She's counting....
AH, AH, AH, AH....the number THREE!
Three Veins I will draw blood from...THREE.....and she's laughing.


OK, so I'm being melodramatic, wouldn't YOU if a Vampire trapped you in a lab chair and stole all YOUR blood?

Uh-huh. I thought so.
And alright, so I lied, it wasnt that bad, and the flashes of light, were probably from the stupid TV playing to divert my attention.
Only the Young & The Restless was on, and well....I hate that show.

Pffffttt.....dont laugh. It could all happen to you.

December 11, 2008

Bah Humbug!

So I go to the doctor today.

She thinks I have a bacterial blood infection running thru my system.
I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for blood cultures.

Not sure why, but the whole thought of someone "culturing" my blood doesnt sound like alot of fun. I'll survive.
My neck also runneth over.

Meaning, the lymph nodes in my neck decided to get their backs up with big attitude and be stubborn....Most likely I'll end up getting an I.V. Push of antibiotics a few times to knock me back to earth.
Or at least knock my immune system back to norm.

Whatever normal is.
Does anyone really know?

My lymphatic system has always been a little screwy, the fevers make me a smidge tired.....and I fell asleep today when I WANTED to be sculpting or torching....dammit!

Haleigh and I are making homemade cinnamon hard candy, with a nice dusting of powerdered sugar.

Everyone ready for the fat man in the big red suit?
I am.

December 6, 2008


I am famous. A legend. In my own mind. lol.....Do you want the good news or the bad news??
K. Good news first. A local bead store bought ALL my snowpeople to display in their store for sale. I was soo stoked.
For about 1 second I felt famous. It was gooood.
So next week, I need to go in with more stuff, so they can build up my lil' artists nook. Oh, no pressure there.
So, I just shook my head as she's telling me to bring in more stuff for the public, and inside I'm screaming...."WHAT??
Omigod, what do you want me to bring in? Guide me. Lead me, oh
Great Bead Store owner..." Guess I'll have to figger this one out on my own.
Oh, oops. The bad news? There isnt any.
So anyway....Im off on a venture to decide WHAT to bring in to the owner, so I can impress her AND keep her interest.
But aren't my snowpeople delightful?
Oh, and the tags? I take NO credit.
They are compliments of Genea Beads...only her tags say Genea and mine say Lori Beedz....but the concept is the ThankU Genea!
You rock sister.

November 26, 2008

28 Sleeps till...........

Omigosh, there are only 28 sleeps till Christmas.
I cannot believe that another year has come and gone.
It truly amazes me that its almost 2009.

I don't know about your kids, but my kids are soo excited about
Christmas this year, its really quite fun, given the youngest is 9 and the oldest is 19.
I do miss Christmas's of yesteryear when I would stay up for
hours on end wrapping toys, filling stockings with stuffers and the wild
doe eyed look on my lil ones faces when coming down the stairs.

Christmas is truly a magical time of year.
Now that we have 5 kids and toys arent the main dish under the tree anymore, December is just one of the best months of the year.

We dipped our chocolate covered pretzels this past weekend and rolled em in red, white and green sprinkles...mmmm....
I dont like all those kits out there, I mean I like the molds for the chocolate, but the actual chocolate I use Nestle Toll House chips with a small tablespoon of like a charm and Im a dark chocolate lover, so its truly magic on your taste buds.

I know Im all over the Christmas Spirit and we havent even eaten Turkey yet, but I cannot WAIT to stuff my face tomorrow....
I am getting up early to help my mom cook and sticking a beef tenderloin in the oven tonite...mmmm.....Why is it that the Holidays are focused around eating?? lol...

There is NOTHING in the world like a beef tenderloin, its truly succulent and soo tender you can cut it with your fork.
The eating just doesnt END...but its the holidays and I think thats a great excuse, dont you??

Everyones feeling better today, that flu is NASTY I tell you....
N-A-S-T-Y. And it lasts like freegan forever...ok, ok about a week, but it feels like forever....the muscle aches, headache, stiff joints, foaming at the mouth. Ok, ok, so Im exaggerating, so what.

I just wanted to step in and tell all my wonderful readers
to have a wonderful fattening Turkey Day and may you all feel the peace and warmth of family during this time of year.

Dont forget to make a wish if you get the wishbone in your turkey...
Dreams DO come true.

November 22, 2008

Go Bucks!

Ohio State is in the lead.

Life is sweet. Its been the greatest day....even though a few of the kids are under the weather, they all have a big game going on, determined by points that the Buckeyes score in the game today. They are making money off touchdown points. Good times.

The food has been abundant, Gary never fails there, and
the game is going as expected, with the Buckeyes in the lead.
The kids have been promised
if the Bucks win, the family goes out for Chinese Food, lol....
Funny how dinner rides on football players...oy vey!

My mom had a birthday yesterday.....I went to the bakery to get her the traditional Thrushes cupcakes...oh yummO....heaven in one big bite, ok, ok, maybe two.
Usually I get her those gorgeous cupcakes with really bright fun colors....

Not this year. Her birthday fell on the Ohio State vs. Michigan game, and the cupcake choices were simple. Blue & Yellow or Red & Gray.
Oh mercy. So the baker asks me who my Mom is rooting for, and I told her, well.....she really isn't. I just need cupcakes, lol.
So she loaded me up with team colors and when I tell you the blue frosting was blue? Oh blue as the color can come.

And what happens when you eat blue frosting?
You look like you've eaten a Smurf.

Most of you know my downfall of sweets....and well.....
It looks like Ive eaten approximately 27 smurfs. I am permanently blue.
Try yelling GO BUCKS with a blue mouth and convincing your die hard Buckeye Family Fans that you really have NOT converted.

No really......

Go Bucks! said the lady with the really blue teeth.

November 21, 2008

Oooooo did someone say MURRINI??

Oooo, yes they did!
Ive been a busy bee this week, outside of taking care of a sick child....
And of course I ended up catching it...blah humbug!
It's amazing how a sinus infection and cold can bog the system completely down. It's like all the senses abort and your left with this infected crap that tastes like....well....I spose I should stop there, huh?
My 12y.o. has missed 6 days of school with a high fever and the sinus infection from hell. Poor kid. School sends her home, because of a 102 fever, then they call and complain that she's missing school.
You've GOT to be joking me? Nope, no joke here.....
In the interim, I kept busy mak'n handpulled murrini. Its truly beautiful, if I can say so myself. And totally FUN to make.
You'll see them on Etsy yet tonite~!

November 19, 2008

Mak'n Murinni

Can you believe it?
I actually self taught myself to make some handpulled Murinni Cane Chips.
Totally groovy and very exciting to use & sell.
I will be posting pictures later, I have tons of various color applications and will be posting it in my Etsy Store later this evening.

Miss Haleigh girl has a horrendous sinus infection....
We are off to the Doctor for antibiotics.....

November 17, 2008

She's Alive.....Alive!!

It's good to be alive....
I have been a busy lil bee unpacking all my goodies....most everything has its own home now, and for that I am happy.

You forget what a pain it is to move....until you do it twice in one month, lol.....or as Gary calls it, "Vacationing" matter what you label it, I shall call it "Sucks Butt Big Time"

It's amazing how life is falling into place lately. I have no complaints.
Oh I know, right? Shocker. Usually Lori is just FULL of complaints, but no. Not this time. Life is good.

Tim has a great job here in Toledo, making very good money AND he's learning how to drive! So for all my fellow Toledoans, that's your cue to stay OFF the road when he's ON the road, bwahahahahaa....
No really, he's actually doing great at it. He comes home tired from work at night now, but its good for what ails him. Transitioning to adult hood is always a scary but exciting time of life.

Now that I have everything in order, that's my cue to start sculpting and playing with fire again. I have some brilliant ideas in my head that need to come stay tuned into Tokyo....

You'll love the upcoming eye candy!

Peace -n- Hairgrease.....

November 9, 2008

No more Haunted Houses!!!

Gary and I went back over to the old house and got er all cleaned up.
There is NOTHING we miss about that place. Nothing.

Most of you that know us, know how haunted Embassy Ct., is/was.
Some of you of course are on the fence about Ghosts and Spirits, but stay ONE night in our old house and you'll be a firm believer in the Paranormal.

I am just soo glad to be out of there. That place really put havoc on our family....I cant believe how much we all simply sleep better, being away from that place! Even the dog was spooked when I brought her over with us, to get it cleaned up. When the dog is spooked, then you REALLY wonder, lol.

We had really intended on buying that home too. It was a little big, but we had started to really settle, and living on the Golf Course was soo divine.
Soo peaceful.....or at least we THOUGHT it was peaceful.
Boy were we wrong.
Unfortunately, the haunting in the belly of that evil house, made the golf course seem NOT soo peaceful anymore.

And having Ghostbusters come out was definately an experience to remember, lol.....actually they are called Paranormal Investigators.

I like Ghostbusters better, dont you??
We learned soo much about the paranormal and Gary actually became a "believer" out of all this. I think when you hear and see things that are not of the normal realm, it makes you really 2nd guess your own thinking.

And no, they didnt come out in traditional Ghostbusters Uniforms or drive the cool white ambulance hearse, lol....nor did the Marshmallow Man stalk our neighborhood with sticky goo, but wouldnt THAT have been cool?

As I finished cleaning today, I turned around to take that one "last" look,
and I was reminded of the paranormal insanity we all suffered for almost a year there. I still cannot believe we actually LIVED with all that?

The dark Shadow Person that ran thru our home, even in broad daylight, scaring all the kids, the constant door slamming without the doors actually shutting, the sound of your name being whispered right in your ear and of course the maddening feeling of KNOWING you shut off ALL the lights a minute ago, WHY are they ALL back on?? Oh, and we cant forget the nightime footsteps walking thru the house, over and over and over.

Hours at a time, it would walk at night, pacing up and down the floorboards.
You think you can "catch" someone walking, you've already blamed ALL the kids for being up, lol ....Then you run like a bat out of hell up the stairs and its dark and quiet.

The scratching within the walls of the house and the simple dark feeling that your living with "something" that you can feel is watching you. Constantly.

I could go on and on, but I wont bore you with all the ghostly details, lol....
I know most people have their own ghost stories and others just dont.
You will always have those that just DONT believe and wont bother to even try.

Gary was one of those that didnt believe. Until he came face to face with "it" on the stairway one night.

He's a firm believer now.

I am soo thankful that we moved. Soo thankful we dont come home anymore to items being moved or thrown, no more negative feelings.....
I am soo thankful that we all survived the insanity that went on in that house we once called a home.

If we can survive all that, we can survive anything.
Its a great feeling knowing that we come home now, and there is peace.

Peace is good.
Funny the things people are thankful for.
We are just thankful our new home isnt haunted, lol.....

November 6, 2008

Life is Gooooood

Well, I did it!
I drove 1000 miles with 3 kids, Kady and a U-haul, lol.
I was really dreading the move, but it ended up being really great.

It took us 17 hours, and when your the only one driving, it really feels like its taking forever, but when its over, you sigh and say...."Wow, maybe it wasnt THAT long" , lol.....

We saw beautiful leave changes, the mountains in TN and gorgeous foilage along the highways. A few people offered to fly down and help me drive back home, but I was really proud of myself to have done it all alone.
And I couldnt have done it without my kids. They are truly great.

We are all soo thankful and glad to be back in Toledo/Maumee.
You really dont realize all that you missed until you are actually away from it.

I get to spend my holidays with my Mom now, and we are soo excited.
I cannot WAIT to cook on Thanksgiving and make my famous pecan honey butter over a nice hot skillet of corn bread. If anyone has any great traditions for the holidays, Im all ears. I've always made the holidays full of memories for the kids and they look forward to it each year.

I have my office almost set up, my torch is itching to be lit and monkey babies are dancing in my head, waiting to be sculpted.
Im still unpacking and dancing around boxes, but its all worth it.

Tim got a new job today and I'm enrolling the girls in school.
They couldnt be more excited to be back home, around all their friends and back in the ho-hum of daily life.

I am soo thankful to all those that have supported me during this hardship and I realize how blessed we are that things are going so well.
Life couldnt be any better right now, and moving forward in a way I didnt think it ever would.

We are looking into going to Amish Country this month, and staying in those quaint little cottages, doing some amish shopping and chow on some authentic amish cooking......

I will be checking back with you all soon.....
Peace & Hairgrease!

October 31, 2008

Your Robe, Thy Honor....

Ever feel like you live in one of those sappy TV Soap Opera's?
You know the type..... full of all sorts of crazy people, ideas, love, hate, judgements and every sin available to man?

Yah, you probably can't relate....but many can

I know, that I can, lol.

Then again, I'm not your normal person either.
Im a person that is FULL of mistakes....Im human.
Far from perfect, then again I never claim to be perfect.
Who is anyway? Who hasn't made mistakes?

I will be heading back to Ohio....LONG'll have to watch
the FULL show to know exactly what is going on.
But thinking of the FULL show....

Notice how people always have an opinion of YOUR life?
Those people that "think" they know ALL about you and make false assumptions on what they see, or THINK they see & know....but the truth is, they DONT know. They cant know.....
They do NOT wear the judges robe to judge you and to know you.

Its impossible to know exactly, someone elses life.
Unless they have super powers and well....then we get into all that talk about capes instead of robes....

Why? Because they've NOT lived MY life from the moment I was born to the moment I had a birthday on Wednesday.....(Happy Birthday to me!)
No one has walked thru my crazy childhood on thru my crazy adulthood.

No one, but me. And I've done the best I know how with what I have.
I can either beat myself up for my mistakes or I can grow and move forward and do my best.

I am a person that is full of mistakes, no getting 'round that, lol...
but out of my mistakes, I have 3 of the GREATEST kids on earth.
And my kids will make mistakes too. You may even make a few here & there....*wink*

But honestly, my kids are amazing.
They've pressed thru some crazy years and in the end...
they are all still amazing.
Timothy and I were laughing about that, just yesterday.

Tim's ready to head back to Ohio...& so are my girls.
But Florida was good to us. No, Florida was GREAT to us!
We got to see alot, do alot and we've had a buttload of fun.
It turned into an extended vacation, is what it was....and now we are headed home.

Home where our friends & family are, and many will have ALOT to say about it I'm sure....but until you've lived in our life, walked in my croc's and know exactly what goes on minute by minute, your not allowed to be a judge.

I don't judge others by their mistakes or their paths, I have enough to worry about on my own damn path, lol
And in the end....those that judge will BE judged....

Hopefully I'll be back on my blog full time within the next few weeks....
Stay tuned.

Buckle your seatbelts, fasten them tight, the ride is about to begin.

It may be a bit bumpy, but its gonna be FUN!

And to the judges.....step back and take off your black robe.
Put down your mallet...there ya go....put it down.

Gently.....shhh.....there, look.
Under that judges robe, YOUR a real person too!

Who knew??

October 24, 2008

100 Feet Tall

This picture looks out my back door.
100 foot pine trees nestle themselves all over the property.
They are truly beautiful, except for the pine needle droppings everywhere.

Onto my point here....
I'm a big Croc fan. You know what I'm talkin bout....Croc's?
Those comfy shoes that everyone wears?
I admit it. I am a crocaholic. I admit that I am defenseless over my Croc addiction. I will put no other Croc's before me....Pffftt....and you thought I had a point, lol...*smiles*
I wear my croc's religiously. You know that crocs have holes all over them, right? Ok, Good! Imagine walking thru pine needles while wearing holey shoes. There ya go! You got it. *hands you a cookie*
I am constantly bending down pulling pine needles out of the holes in my shoes.
I can only imagine what my new neighbors must think, lol....

"Look, honey, theres that new girl bending down again, isnt she just weird?
I think we should stay away from her."
Ok, ok, maybe its in my imagination, but at one time, Croc's actually helped my aching back.
Um, Yah.....Not anymore!

October 23, 2008

Hot Dog!!

I know I know....everyone dresses their weiner dog in a hot dog costume, right?
How can you not?
Its just too darn funny!
Im sure now the poor girl has a self esteem issue, but isn't she cute? lol....*laughs*

October 21, 2008

New addition to our Family

Look at that face. How can you deny that little hot dog precious face? Well, you can't, so guess what happened? Yah, Uh-Huh, Yup....correct.
That precious little hot dog face came home with me Saturday. I'm such a sucker, what can I say?
I named her Kady in Kandy's honor. We wont talk about Kandy, it's too painful ;(
So, Kady is a 16 week old miniature Doxie. She's full of life, sweetness & wet puppy kisses. Such a loving baby and the light in my eyes these days.
She really filled a void I had in my heart, and sometimes the love of a puppy can be the only one thing that fills that open void.
I don't have a scale with me here, I didn't bring it on our move, but if I had to guess I'd say she's not even 2 pounds big.
And of course she's long like a ferret which makes her even funnier.
I will post more pictures of her this week, but I just HAD to show you her little face. If you need to find me, I'll be the one on the floor getting all the puppy kisses from my weeny hot dog. I know your jealous *wink*

October 16, 2008

Mother Nature

I guess part of living near the ocean comes with gambling cruise ships. Who would have thunk it?

So I went on The SunCruz Casino boat that putters out three miles into the Atlantic Ocean before they can even flip a card or roll a pair of dice. There is NO gambling in the state of Florida, so you have to be out in international waters. It was a beautiful evening, the intercostal waters were calm, serene, peaceful. Ahhh.....I love living by the ocean.

Let me rephrase that....I love living by a CALM ocean.
I have developed a new respect for Mother Nature and her ways.

There were all kinds of boats docked....I started to think I was on the set of The Deadliest Catch. I love that show....but only ON TV.
I look around me to see smiling faces as the boat leaves the dock and cruises out towards the Atlantic ocean...
Music is filling the air and my ears, food is being served and everyone is in a gay mood. ( as in happy)

I'm not exactly sure how it started or when it happened, but the calm ocean turned into the angry ocean and the gay, happy people that were swaying to the music were now swaying to try to stand still on the boat.
I see people digging in their pockets or purses for Dramamine.

I see the previously tan people turn a shade of green that matched the billiard tables and its as if I can hear everyone's stomach screaming at them.... I didn't feel as sick as I did dizzy. Now, I knew I hadn't been drinking, but being on that boat made my question my sobriety.

We hit the 3 mile marker in the ocean and I'm not sure who Mother Nature was pissed at, but I wasnt so sure I even wanted to know anymore....
I started contemplating jumping overboard. I was estimating in my dizzy head how long it would take the Coast Guard to come rescue me, if I was in the water.

I chose NOT to jump and instead stumbled across deck to find a chair.
I cannot imagine how stupid I looked "trying" to walk a straight line and simply sit in the chair, only to end up hanging on the pole and my friends in an attempt to sit down, lol.

Once seated I felt a little better, but watching people get sick, usually does a person in. I ended up sitting in that damnblasted chair for FOUR hours that night, unable to move, all because Mother Nature was in a pissed off mood.

I saw alot that night. I saw the well put together jocks stumble and forget their pride, I saw the smiling stripper girls who came in 4" stilletos and little tight skirts, stop smiling & wishing they had panties on under that tight skirt. I assume they didnt expect to be sitting down that night, lol.....

And to top it off, I saw one of the Poker Dealers PASS out cold and hit the casino floor. You know its bad when the Dealers pass out and a wheelchair is brought to rush them to the Medic.

Finally I saw a force not to be reckoned with.

Mother Nature. Do NOT mess with her, she means business.

October 13, 2008

Finally HOME

It's been a long journey.

I am finally home sweet home.
I arrived in Florida a lil' over a week ago, but didn't have internet and honestly I feel like I've been gone a year shy of forever.
Lol, if that's possible.

Soo much has happened, soo much to tell but for now I am laying my head down to sleep. Moving still seems knee deep. My boxes I will not keep.

I'm rhyming, it's obvious I'm over-tired, lol...

G'nitey nite for now....
I have lots of stories to tell, so stay tuned in Tokyo
Or Florida, or .....well......wherever............

September 23, 2008

You get the Picture

Have you ever thought about packing up and leaving everything you know? Just hittin the road.
The road to peace and freedom and a whole new life.
A place that will treat you well, treat you with respect and the love you soo deserve??

Well I have been thinking about it, and well.....I'm goin for it....I'm blowin this popstand....Adios, ciao, toodle-looooo, Godspeed, cheerio, farewell, so long, buh-bye....
You get the picture.

I am taking my 3 children, and starting a whole new life in 10 days.
Yes, 10 crazy, chaotic, eager, wacky, harebrained, loco, busy days. You get the picture.

Goodbye snow, goodbye winter, goodbye ice, goodbye bulky coats, shovels, snowmen, scarves, hats, gloves.....
You get the picture.

I am officially settling 15 minutes from the beach on the
Atlantic Ocean, and I plan to sink my butt in that warm, soft sand until I
cant stand 1 more tiny granule of sand in a place it doesn't belong.
*note to self - buy new bikini & sunscreen*
So that's my story peeps. I'm sticking to it.
I think you get the picture *wink*

September 19, 2008

Something to Cheer About.....

Looky at my lil cheerleader.
Isnt she just adorable, and such a natural, she is!
Its soo cute to see all their little pony tails tied up in bright blue ribbons, all these beautiful girls jumping up & down as if life had not one worry within it.
And man oh mighty, can they kick high!
Wowsa....if I kicked my leg that high, either something would split and spill or I'd pull a groin muscle and need 911 immediately dispatched. Pffftt....
Back in MY Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading days, I could kick my leg soo high and in perfect balance, it was great. Don't be hat'n, cmon now....
You know its not true, lol.....hardeyharhar.
Anywhooo......I can't talk too seriously today yet....
But come Monday/Tuesday, expect some serious dirt.
Until then.....Be good little girls & boys...*wink*

September 14, 2008

Right under my nose......

Isn't it amazing when something is right under your nose, and you didn't even know it??
I've lived off Brandywine Golf Course over a year now. If you ever get a chance to live on a golf it.
The beauty is unsurpassed. Serene, peaceful, calm, green, spacious, gorgeous. At least outside, not inside my house, lol I live in a jungle within, lol.
See mushrooms in post below ;)
Anywhooo.....I've taken the puppy for a daily walk since we got her in April. Almost 6 mos, and I've passed this bird bath at least 87 million times. Probably more. And yet, I have never seen the lion on the side ....a miniature piece of architecture, built right on the side of the bird bath.
But compare it to my life, and its really uncanny.

If you were to see our life as an outsider, we appear to live in a gorgeous home. With gorgeous scenery. The Brady Bunch family, with great smiles and cute fun kids. Right on the golf course. Life looks soo perfect.
But then, right under your nose, is a lion. How can you go soo long & it's right there.....but you never saw it? You pass by it 87 million times, and you never saw what was RIGHT under your nose.
How is that possible. How does that happen to people?
How can you live with a lion, walk past it that many times,
and out of nowhere it ROARS.
I guess we all live with a lion from time to time, sometimes that lion remains calm. Other times that lion bites.
Be very careful of biting lions.
They hurt.

September 13, 2008

Lost in the Shrooms!

I stopped taking care of the mulch outside my kitchen window (for many reasons) and when I stepped outside today, I was in a jungle.
Mushrooms EVERYWHERE. Fungi.
And to think I love mushrooms with my steak. These fungus mountains outside, are downright scary looking.

These are NOT like the mushrooms I eat.
Then.... to add insult to injury, I can't believe that I eat fungus anyway.
How gross. Anyway, about this jungle....
I can't wait to get out of the jungle. It's a mess here. Who wants to live in the jungle anywhoooo? It's crazy and psychotic and makes you feel all anxious inside.
Especially when you get lost in the jungle.
Takes everything out of you to find your way back out.
And it never works out that you can find your way out, the same way you came in.
But it can be done. I assure you.
I am finding my way out of the jungle outside my window.
Life is full things yet to discover, but I prefer to stay OUT of any jungles.
Life is just too short to live among all these big crazy mushrooms.

September 11, 2008

Mr & Mrs Gaylord ~ Rainbow Turtles

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord.
A pair of turtles that is. Mr. Gaylord, well, you can just see his eyes all buggy like men do, looking down, as men do, staring in inappropriate places, as men just know what I mean, right?

Then we have Mrs. Gaylord. Look at her face. I think shes slightly miffed that Mr. Gaylord cannot keep his buggy eyes to himself,
and he's all up in her goodies. !!

Sheesh....go figure, right.

Mr. Gaylords gonna get himself a good smack here real soon, I fear.
If you'd like to smack Mr. Gaylord yourself, he's on etsy as we speak,
or you read, or I speak, or well.....
whatever ~

What a fun pair of lampwork turtles though. I'm on my rainbow
kick again. Colors make me happy.
When Momma's happy, everybuddys happy.

September 10, 2008


I really love love how this bead came out.
If I could just step into the sandy part on this bead, kick my feet back, let the blue water curl around my would be heavenly.
In my ETSY store now

September 9, 2008


I love this chicks work. All her stuff is handmade Ooak needle felted groovy funky pieces.
Here, go see for yourself:
I was right huh? Unless its not your "Thang".....
Her stuff just really grabbed me.
As for free beads this week....
Pffft....not ONE person commented.
Pffft....hurt my feelings.

September 7, 2008

Rag Doll

My daughter got this perfume today at Hot Topic.
Its honestly soo yummy & sweet smelling, I contemplated drinking it, then thought twice.
All that alcohol content, I mean...what would the kids think if I started drinking perfume?
Jeepers, mom's such an alchy-holic., I'd hate to lose my mother of the year award and all, yannO?
Anyway....if your looking for a sweet yummy sugary new scent, then check out Rag Doll....its honestly such a yummy fun smell and the bottle is soo ultra cool!
And no, I don't drink perfume, I do wear it.
For the most part *wink*
Me thinks I may make some beads to match this groovy pink
amethyst bottle though, this week. I just dig that color, don't you?
Comment me....I just MIGHT give some free beads away this week!!!
What's better than getting free beads, and you don't have to show your
Ta-Ta's for them? This ISN'T Mardi Gras yannO!
Whatchoo doin, even thinking about showing your ta-ta's anyway?
I'd hate to see YOU lose YOUR mother of the year award too!

September 5, 2008

Reactive Colors

These soo remind me of a mini Hurricane, don't they you?
Such an array of over reactive colors, sorta like the weather lately.
As much as the hurricanes scare the bejeeby's out of me, I still want
to move to Florida, lol....Who wouldn't want to live in The Mickey Mouse State anyway?

I've been beading every chance I get, unless the weather is of melting temperature. Be sure to jump over to Etsy and buy some beads.
Support your starving artists! Wink.

September 3, 2008

I'm Melting....

I think I'm melting....
It's soo hot here, and not
just hot, its really
H - O - T
A natural reaction to the humidity is sweating. Right?

It's really hard to torch over a 1700 degree flame, and hold your glass & mandrel with sweaty palms.


Therefore, I have 1 lone bead to show you. Notice its in the blue color family, lol....I must be thinking of cooler colors eh?

I will try to fire up again later tonite, after the sun sets, or the anticipated storm rolls in.....
Stay tuned in Tokyo.....I'll throw this bead on Etsy later too....

Stay cool.....Try not to melt. Melting is messy business.

September 1, 2008

Etsy Treasury

I am famous.
Yep, you heard right,
Faaaa-mous. If you look up famous on Google, you'll see my name. That's right.
Ok, ok, so I'm not all that famous, but I'm a legend in my own mind. *winks*
Well, I'm sorta kinda famous...I got chosen out of thousands and thousands of bead pictures to be in an
Etsy Treasury! That's quite a big deal....I am very honored to have been chosen, really.
I was soo surprised when I got the email that I had been hand picked.

After deflating my big head from all that importance, I traveled on over to Etsys Treasury to see what all the fuss was.....lo & behold, there's my Kotton Kandy bead among other artists absolutely fabulous beads.
I was soo elated, I could barely contain my excitement, but after finally calming down, taking a good hard look around The Treasury....

I sat down, emailed the link to all my friends, fellow artists, neighbors and colleagues.
Then said to myself...."What the hell is a Treasury?"

August 31, 2008

Rainblo Bubble Gum

I heart anything Rainbow...especially
Rainblo bubble gum.
In fact, I LOVE bubblegum period! This bead just reminds me of Rainblo bubblegum balls.
Grape is one of my favorite flavors. Then orange, then maybe cherry.
Last time I was standing in line at the drug store, that's when I saw it.
The company brought back the pink bubblegum balls and they were plain old fashioned Bubblegum flavor!
Lawsie Mercy! The Bubblegum Gods love me.
I dont know about you, but I chew bubblegum just for the flavor, and either toss it in the garbage or swallow it, depending on where I'm at.
I mean, one must still act like a lady right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
I musta bought 6 packs of bubblegum balls. I chewed each one for the flavor, tossed it, chewed again, swallowed it, tossed it...well, you get the picture.
Remember the old wives tale, that if you swallow your gum it takes 7 years to digest? If that's a fact, then I will still be digesting bubblegum well after I'm dead..... My intestines are probably all stuck together.
It was then that I realized there had to be a better way to get that bubbleyummy flavor without all the hassel of chewing all those gumballs.
So, one day I'm off doing my "thang"....and stopped by The Andersons to get some fresh sweet corn, wattamelon, grapes, etc. You know the ol' drill.
There I am, husking sweet corn into the big barrel ~when right ahead of me, is a HUGE sign for Salt Water Taffy.
Oooooooo, I haven't had salt water taffy in years! I LOVE salt water taffy!
I grab a bag and decide to load up.
Nothing like taffy to pull all your crowns off your teeth...Oh ya baby!
Screw all that dental work...
It was then, that I realized I must have died and gone to heaven.
Lo & behold, what do I see? But BUBBLEGUM flavored taffy!
Oh hell no!
Life just makes sense at that exact moment...
Who woulda thunk it? Now I get the flavor of my bubblegum without swallowing all that gum, that I can't digest until I'm 200 years old.
How embarrassing, if I ever need an appendectomy & they cut me open only to find my appendix stuck to my liver & my liver stuck to something it shouldn't be. Yuck. How gross is that?
Now I can eat all the taffy I want, without worrying whats gonna stick to what...unless I end up eating 2 pounds of taffy in less than a week.
Um, oops....did I just say I did that? wasnt 2 pounds!
It was more like 3 pounds, who are you kidding?

August 30, 2008

In love with another Artist....

Im in love.


Yes, Again....!!

Don't be hate'n... it happens.
Your just jealous....
cuz I am in love with yet another artist. *(Jumps up & down to wave HI to Jennifer. Note to self: Next time when jumping, wear sports bra)*

The Joker....ahh.........The Joker. A pencil drawing by my friend, colleague & fellow artist, Jennifer of JSJ Studios.
She also drew one of my sculpted clay baby freegan fantastic is that?

Pretty freegan fantastic if you ask me. It takes a special God given talent to be able to draw at this level. I'm hoping that my middle daughter, Lauren will someday be at Jennifer's high skill level....She's a brilliant drawer for being only 14. Hey Jen.....teach classes? lol..... on The Joker's picture, it will surf you on over to
JSJ Studios and you can take a gander for yourself....What a nice gift this would make for a loved one.
Plus, there is only 116 shopping days left until Christmas.

Er...Uh...STOP....Hold the Train....OhMyGoD....What?
116 shopping days left? Holy Shittake mushrooms....

August 28, 2008


I finally opened an ETSY store, can you believe it? Here's yer linky dink.
I'm just a little peeved off at FeeBay, er uh I mean eBay right now....all up in my goodies. Raising final value fee's etc., bologna, I say!
Oscar Mayer baloney. Pfffttt.....Do they think us sellers are stupid?
Lets see...0.20 CENTS to put a listing in Etsy.
$19.95 to put a featured listing in eBay. You do the math here.
So anyway....go take a peek & a gander around the new crib.
Buy something while your at it.
C'mon, help a sista out.....
Pretty Please?
With sugar on top.
And a cherry?

August 27, 2008

Bead Porn

Oooo.....Today's Bead Porn includes 6 of the most beautiful ladies....
I'm sure you'll agree with me...won't you?
Each focal bead is around 1" long, the perfect size for a necklace.
Imagine one of these beauty's dangling off a necklace?....What a conversation piece! I can't even pick my favorite....I'll have to let you know on that one.
But, what about you? Which one is YOUR favorite?
Drop me a comment & let me know....

The 1st person to comment gets a FREE focal bead from ME....
Im serious....
No, really. I am serious.
Did I mention I was serious?
So go the first.
Be a star & get your Beady Porn.....You know you can't wait to
get your grubby lil' hands on one. *Wink - Jab - Poke*
EDITED to ADD: Congrats goes to Jennifer for being this week's
Bead Porn Star! Please email me, so I can get your address and send your bead off.

August 26, 2008

Im in LOVE

Im in love.

*insert best shower singing voice here*
"Cuz I'm in luv wit a strippa...."

No really, Im in love.
Look at this bead.

I said , look at this bead!
There. There.
Arent you happy you looked? I did NOT make this bead. I repeat, I did NOT make it... But I secretly wish I did....(shhh, don't tell Renee!)
Renee of JetAge Studio's did.....AND, AND, if you click on the booty-ful bead, you'll be able to look at more of Renee's work
& drool as I've done ~ all over my keyboard. ~
*Grabs kleenex to clean up spit - and hands you one too*
Oh Renee, I heart you. I soo totally heart you.
I mean, I really love your work! Is it possible? Is it possible, that Im in love with another artist that makes the most beautiful beads this side of planet earth?
Pfffft.....Anythings possible. Hell, look at the rack on my tomatoes! *grins & winks*

August 24, 2008

Tomato Gods

YannO, I'm not real sure what to make of this.

The Tomato Gods have been rather unusual this year.
OK, downright embarrassing.....
On our left we have a tomato with a really nice "rack".
On our right.....ahem...cough...*grin* need I say more?
Lawsie mercy, its just not right to even eat tomato's that
resemble body parts & orifices, It's just not right.

Then we have this big bottomed girl.
Obviously the Tomato Gods have been hard at work this year.
I mean, why my tomato plants insist on producing large assed
and big busted perky vegetables, one has to wonder why.

As to why, we'll probably never have those answers....
But *ahem* can you pass the salt please?

August 22, 2008


Heres the promised heart on a navy blue neckwire. I love these neckwires, they come in all colors and are pretty cheap. If interested go to and you'll find them there. Plus they offer free shipping with no minimum, so thats a plus (+)!
What's cheap? I think they are only like 4-5 bucks....I string them on neckwire, because of the way the hole goes vertically thru the bead. If you need help finding the neckwires,
email me, and I'll help.
Other than that....not much new news.....I plan to torch later, so I'm sure I'll have pics to show you sometime tomorrow.... *grin*
Oh wait. I forgot to shamelessly promote myself.
Don't forget to buy a heart or a rainbow bead. *insert cheesy grin here*
I'm always an email away....or comment me....I'd love to hear from you!

EDITING this post....I thought ArtBeads had these neckwires, but its in fact Fire Mountain Gems. Here is a link to the neckwires I like to use for beads:

They are just under $5 dollars, and come in a variety of colors!
Thanks to Dave for asking...... Smiles, Lori

August 21, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow....

I know alot of you have been waiting on my rainbow series, and it is! These beads came out prettier than originally thought in my head. Bonus!
I'm not even sure which one I like the best. I like them all. Can I have them all? Please, Please! Oh wait, I made them. Nevermind.
Talk about bursting with color.....Im just pleased as puddin'.

I plan to string that turquoise heart on a navy colored neckwire, so
I will snap a pic later on to show you what that looks like, around your neck. Soo cool.

The girls have asked me to make them hearts to coordinate with their "back to school" I need to torch....and go play with color.
Nothing like having a job where you get to play with rainbows.
Too bad, I never find a pot of gold or a lil' leprechaun at the end...
Could be a good thing, I hear those leprechaun's are shady little people.
Im offffffffff............

August 19, 2008


Can you tell we had a blast snapping pictures?
The girls love it when I have a lens in their face....
what usually starts out serious, ends up
with all 3 of us laughing hysterically. You know the type...
That deep belly gut laugh? The one that comes from deep inside?

Laughter is good for the soul. You should laugh each day.
If you have nothing to laugh about, then find something.
I promise you'll feel better.