September 13, 2008

Lost in the Shrooms!

I stopped taking care of the mulch outside my kitchen window (for many reasons) and when I stepped outside today, I was in a jungle.
Mushrooms EVERYWHERE. Fungi.
And to think I love mushrooms with my steak. These fungus mountains outside, are downright scary looking.

These are NOT like the mushrooms I eat.
Then.... to add insult to injury, I can't believe that I eat fungus anyway.
How gross. Anyway, about this jungle....
I can't wait to get out of the jungle. It's a mess here. Who wants to live in the jungle anywhoooo? It's crazy and psychotic and makes you feel all anxious inside.
Especially when you get lost in the jungle.
Takes everything out of you to find your way back out.
And it never works out that you can find your way out, the same way you came in.
But it can be done. I assure you.
I am finding my way out of the jungle outside my window.
Life is full things yet to discover, but I prefer to stay OUT of any jungles.
Life is just too short to live among all these big crazy mushrooms.

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