April 27, 2010

Monkeying Around....

You know me, always monkeying around...
This wee one came out as cute as a button...
if buttons were cute;)
Clicking on his picture will take you directly to his auction....
Thanks for peekin....

The Fog.........

My Goodness! Where have I been?
Apologys for not tending to my beady ol' blog;(
I've been in a horrible medication-fog, but I think Im over the hump. Almost. They say 3-5 days of slobbering all over yourself, then your good as new.
Ok, so not really, but the more I convince myself of that, the more I'll believe it, right? Just say right. Right? Right.
I see the Neurosurgeon at the hospital on Wednesday...This should be interesting at best. I'll keep ya posted....
Oh, and stay tuned into tokyo tomorrow afternoon.
I have a sculpted baby Monkey that will make an appearance....
Me thinks your gonna love him. I know I do.
It's always fascinating to see what creations come out of this crazy head of mine....especially when Im in a F O G...*slobbers*

April 10, 2010

First, there was this time The Farmer traded me for magic beans......

So, I had nerve block #3 yesterday.
It hurt. And they didnt work... Six weeks of this crap & they didnt work!
Bah! What else can I say?

Wait, I always have something to say....you know what I dont get though? I mean, I know its normal for the Anesthesiologists office to do 1.2 million of these procedures a day, but for ME, I'd like a little bit of privacy. When your ass is hanging out and I mean HANGING out, do office staff HAVE to walk in, when you have your pants down?

Allow me to back up, so you get a clearer picture...
They have you get up on the tall table.
This table is meant for people that are 7 foot tall.

Since Im only 5'8", I have to use a stool.
Then, they have you lay on your stomach, atop two pillows. The nurse pulls yer knickers down, so your whole ass is hanging out. Literally.
I lost all decency & dignity upon giving birth last, so its not the fact that my ass is hanging out. Its the fact, that they do SOO many of these a day, they become the "norm"....so while the nurse is scrubbing me down with the brown goo...office staff casually walk in, and start stocking materials.
Hello? Im laying here with my ass hanging out, and they are STOCKING the room. No one knocks, they just enter. Im offended at this point, while 3 office staff are talking over my bare ass, trying to decide what they are ordering for lunch.

Seriously people?

So, that all leads me back to the Ass in Shrek...Donkey.
When he says: "Oh man where do I begin? First, there was this time the farmer traded me for some magic beans. I aint ever gotten over that.
Then this fool went off and had a party, and they all started trying to pin a tail on me. Then they all got drunk and started hitting me, yelling, Pinata! Pinata! "
Anyone ever feel like the Donkey on Shrek?
I know I did, lol.....

April 8, 2010

The key to success.....

Bill Cosby once said, "I dont know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody..."
He's going to be in Toledo on May 2nd...One of the greatest comedians of all time...What I wouldn't give to see him live...wow.

April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Baby...

I cant believe he's 21 today.
The baby we weren't quite sure was going to make it....
The baby I never got to hear cry, found his voice and made miracles happen.
Happy 21st Birthday Tim...
Mom loves you so very much....

April 5, 2010


Oh wow, Bah.
Sorry for the lack of posting, I guess its because Ive not had much good to say or tell....So, I dont want to sound like a total downer or use my blog for whining....But its MY blog and I should feel free to whine, if I need to whine, right?

Im still struggling with these herniated discs and my brain MRI came back with some lesions...so thats been a suckfest.
I see a Neurosurgeon the end of April.....
Other than that, lol...Im good! I've eaten 3 boxes of Gobstoppers and I dont plan on stoppping. Its like crack cocaine only in fun rainbow colors.

On the "Good Front"....my son's birthday is today.
He turned 21, and Im soo grateful to soo many good years with him.
I got REALLY lucky with all my kiddos & I've been blessed even thru their teenage years. How did I get soo lucky? Now, do NOT doubt there's not been struggles, Oh Lord, has their been struggles....lol.

I plan to take the Birthday Boy out for Sushi....rain OR shine with the ol' back....I just cant believe he's 21. I stand amazed, that twenty one years ago, this little guy was introduced to the world and never got a chance to make a peep. They inserted a tube down his throat before he even had a chance to cry and we went thru Heart/Lung Bypass surgery by the time he was 24 hours old.

HOW did we get thru that?
I haven't a clue, I guess you just DO it...somehow, someway, you just do it. ...............Happy Birthday Timmy, we love you bud.