April 27, 2010

The Fog.........

My Goodness! Where have I been?
Apologys for not tending to my beady ol' blog;(
I've been in a horrible medication-fog, but I think Im over the hump. Almost. They say 3-5 days of slobbering all over yourself, then your good as new.
Ok, so not really, but the more I convince myself of that, the more I'll believe it, right? Just say right. Right? Right.
I see the Neurosurgeon at the hospital on Wednesday...This should be interesting at best. I'll keep ya posted....
Oh, and stay tuned into tokyo tomorrow afternoon.
I have a sculpted baby Monkey that will make an appearance....
Me thinks your gonna love him. I know I do.
It's always fascinating to see what creations come out of this crazy head of mine....especially when Im in a F O G...*slobbers*

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