September 26, 2009

Just a splash of color................

I love black & white photos with just a hint of...
I took these of Lauren tonite, before her B.I.G. date with Mitchell.
Yes, Lauren is dating.
I know, I know...don't say it.
"Lori. Your. Getting. Old."
There...I said it....happy now, lol?

September 21, 2009

New beedz, new auctions...........

Hey Peeps!
Spent my day transferring over my beads from Etsy to Auction Style at

I dont know about you, but
I LOVE Halloween !!
Maybe its because I have a birthday right near Halloween?

Maybe its because I enjoy playing dress up and wearing things I normally would not....its a great excuse, right?
Who needs an excuse to play dress up anyway?

*raises hand lightly and meekly*

September 17, 2009

Carefully choose what you wish for.....

I love birthdays.

What a great reason to eat buttercream icing. Not that you really need a reason, but C'mon now...who honestly NEEDS a reason??

But even better, is watching my kids faces light up, when I lite a candle on each cupcake and hand it to them...

You see, each cupcake with a lit candle, represents a "Wish" get ONE wish & you better think fast....
Choosing to carefully wish your wish.....

There's nothing better in the world, than buttercream icing and a wish...
Sometimes I wish I were a kid again....
Skinned knees are alot easier to fix than a broken heart......................

September 11, 2009

Lots of creative flow...........

Fun new stuff! You can find each one in my Etsy Store (to yer left).
Is everyone getting ready for Halloween, or is it just me?
I LOVE fall!

September 8, 2009

Winner of the Labor Day Bead Giveaway!

Lori Crocker-Ortiz, c-o-o-o-me on down.....
Your the next contenstant on the Bead is Right!
Ok, ok, so that was a bad interpretation of The Price is Right....
I dont even look like Bob Barker.

*whew, thank God*

So anywhoo.....Lori, drop me an email, so that I can ship this
little piece of bead porn your way.
Smiles and Happy Tuesday!

September 4, 2009

TGIF FREEBY Friday Bead Giveaway.................

Hey you! T.G.I.F. -
Thank God its Free Bead Day
I am offering up this bead to a random winner that will be picked on Monday- 09-07-09 Yes, Labor Day.

What do you do?
Just post a comment here.

Nicely please, oy-vey...sarcasm is fine.
Or you can email me at

Its up to you, but I wouldnt let this baby go...she's a beauty.
She stands 1.5" tall and I will wire wrap er' fer ya, so you can wear her around your neck if you choose to do so. Otherwise, she can stand alone.
You can email me or comment once a day, if you do both, then you get 2 hits for the day.
I will be writing down first names of everyone that either comments OR emails.

Speaking of standing alone...............
Sometimes its good to stand alone.....Even if your lonely, its better to be alone and at peace, then with someone whos toxic and steals all of your peace. Your still alone, only miserable too.

Standing alone is good. Its healthy. Its brilliantly smart in some cases....its liberating, its scary, its fun, but most of all, you realize again, how beautiful & simple, life really is.............
Funny how we forget that when were with a person that cant see what you see.

So I stand alone.
I feel good.
Have a great T.G.I.F. Free Beady Friday!!!
Enter your Comments to Win!

Winner Announced on Monday, Labor Day!!!