September 4, 2009

TGIF FREEBY Friday Bead Giveaway.................

Hey you! T.G.I.F. -
Thank God its Free Bead Day
I am offering up this bead to a random winner that will be picked on Monday- 09-07-09 Yes, Labor Day.

What do you do?
Just post a comment here.

Nicely please, oy-vey...sarcasm is fine.
Or you can email me at

Its up to you, but I wouldnt let this baby go...she's a beauty.
She stands 1.5" tall and I will wire wrap er' fer ya, so you can wear her around your neck if you choose to do so. Otherwise, she can stand alone.
You can email me or comment once a day, if you do both, then you get 2 hits for the day.
I will be writing down first names of everyone that either comments OR emails.

Speaking of standing alone...............
Sometimes its good to stand alone.....Even if your lonely, its better to be alone and at peace, then with someone whos toxic and steals all of your peace. Your still alone, only miserable too.

Standing alone is good. Its healthy. Its brilliantly smart in some cases....its liberating, its scary, its fun, but most of all, you realize again, how beautiful & simple, life really is.............
Funny how we forget that when were with a person that cant see what you see.

So I stand alone.
I feel good.
Have a great T.G.I.F. Free Beady Friday!!!
Enter your Comments to Win!

Winner Announced on Monday, Labor Day!!!


Sara Shular said...

I want the little beady! She's perty :)

Lori said...

so pretty. I want this bead LOL

jeff thomason said...

wow is colorful i like the blue is very sexy like you

Anonymous said...

wow like it