December 23, 2008


You know your boring when your own dog falls asleep at your work table.

More SnowPeeps? Does it ever end?
Apparently NOT. They are just too fun.

Aww....don't you remember being a kid and laying in an untouched powdered snow section that has no yellow spots, moving your arms and legs up & down, and it looks like a real angel?
I miss being a kid.
Whoever said it was fun to grow up....Lied.

Why have I named them?? Because it makes it easier on my SnowPeep Mommas by pointing them out by name, instead of being frustrated by trying to tell me colors of what they want. I did NOT realize the pink for their cheeks was that pink! Yow. I guess its colder here than what we thought.....Poor SnowPeeps. At least their ears are covered. Nothing compares to having an earache in the cold weather.
Brrrr...can it get ANY colder??
Last I checked we lived in OHIO, not Alaska. Dammit.
I have ONE more gift to get, and then we are done. D.O.N.E.
Buying for 5 kids and making each gift special and one to remember isnt always as easy as it sounds. I just cant wait to see their faces when they open gifts.
Speaking of kids....Gary just cant wait until Christmas to give me his gifts.
He's like a fat kid in the donut shoppe....But I can't complain too much.
He did gooooood. Then again, he always does. That's my Gary.
Anyone else have more shopping to do? Wrapping gifts yet?
We got all of our Holiday hard candy made...Cinnamon, Cherry, Peppermint & Orange. Its soo much fun. And yummO good!
I'm making a HUGE beef tenderloin for Xmas Eve...pure heaven on your palatte. I have to finish my food shopping tonite, squeeze in my Kolacky Cookies, prepare for a house full and hide from the Hospital Lab.
I have NO more blood to give. I'm bruised and sore.
Tapping into bruised veins is NOT a good time.
I wouldn't recommend it.
If the hospital calls you and asks if you know where Lori is.
You lie.
And you better lie well.....

I'm counting on you.
Merry KissMoose and Happy HollyDayz.

December 15, 2008


So I get my blood cultures done today.
They cant use just ONE vein. Oh no....must be against vampire protocol, they had to use THREE veins.

Plus they have you sit in this high chair in the lab, and then move this wooden arm like apparatus across you, sorta trapping you in your seat.
There is nothing worse than being trapped in a lab chair while watching a sharp needle approach your vein. All while having your arm tied with this HUGE rubber band I believe they call a tourniquet.

Oh good times.
So before Miss Vampire taps into THREE veins, yes THREE....the number 3....I ask her for her bloody credentials.
Oh please, like you dont when someones coming at YOU with a sharp object to take your blood out of your body.

First poke, good. Goes rather well....I'm not feeling as trapped.
She drains the blood from my right arm and immediately starts in for the left arm.

Eeeeeekkkkk, STOP. I have NO good veins in my left arm.
Problem. I'm starting to sweat at this point.
Hoping my deoderant is kicking in, thank God for anti-perspirant!
She manages to drain my left arm, and grabs ANOTHER needle to drain the RIGHT arm AGAIN.

Holy crap lady, I have NO freegan blood left!
My veins are hiding by now, Im sweating like a whore in church and I'm STILL trapped in the lab chair.
I'm totally hating life right about now.

I'm now counting....
Most of you remember The Count? Oh yeh, from Sesame Street?
He would laugh maniacally, "AH AH AH AH AH!" as thunder roared overhead and lightning flashed.
I am now thoroughly expecting the number THREE to appear on the TV screen......Three! The number THREE!.....3 3 3 3 3 3 3...... as a bolt of lightening flashes thru the lab....In fact, I think I did hear thunder?

I think I DID see lightening....Omigod, I'm delirious because they took all my blood.
I'm seeing & hearing things, I feel faint. Bring on the smelling salts.
The lab girl is a shade of Purple and her head is sort of football shaped, like Stewie's on Family Guy. She's counting....
AH, AH, AH, AH....the number THREE!
Three Veins I will draw blood from...THREE.....and she's laughing.


OK, so I'm being melodramatic, wouldn't YOU if a Vampire trapped you in a lab chair and stole all YOUR blood?

Uh-huh. I thought so.
And alright, so I lied, it wasnt that bad, and the flashes of light, were probably from the stupid TV playing to divert my attention.
Only the Young & The Restless was on, and well....I hate that show.

Pffffttt.....dont laugh. It could all happen to you.

December 11, 2008

Bah Humbug!

So I go to the doctor today.

She thinks I have a bacterial blood infection running thru my system.
I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for blood cultures.

Not sure why, but the whole thought of someone "culturing" my blood doesnt sound like alot of fun. I'll survive.
My neck also runneth over.

Meaning, the lymph nodes in my neck decided to get their backs up with big attitude and be stubborn....Most likely I'll end up getting an I.V. Push of antibiotics a few times to knock me back to earth.
Or at least knock my immune system back to norm.

Whatever normal is.
Does anyone really know?

My lymphatic system has always been a little screwy, the fevers make me a smidge tired.....and I fell asleep today when I WANTED to be sculpting or torching....dammit!

Haleigh and I are making homemade cinnamon hard candy, with a nice dusting of powerdered sugar.

Everyone ready for the fat man in the big red suit?
I am.

December 6, 2008


I am famous. A legend. In my own mind. lol.....Do you want the good news or the bad news??
K. Good news first. A local bead store bought ALL my snowpeople to display in their store for sale. I was soo stoked.
For about 1 second I felt famous. It was gooood.
So next week, I need to go in with more stuff, so they can build up my lil' artists nook. Oh, no pressure there.
So, I just shook my head as she's telling me to bring in more stuff for the public, and inside I'm screaming...."WHAT??
Omigod, what do you want me to bring in? Guide me. Lead me, oh
Great Bead Store owner..." Guess I'll have to figger this one out on my own.
Oh, oops. The bad news? There isnt any.
So anyway....Im off on a venture to decide WHAT to bring in to the owner, so I can impress her AND keep her interest.
But aren't my snowpeople delightful?
Oh, and the tags? I take NO credit.
They are compliments of Genea Beads...only her tags say Genea and mine say Lori Beedz....but the concept is the ThankU Genea!
You rock sister.