December 6, 2008


I am famous. A legend. In my own mind. lol.....Do you want the good news or the bad news??
K. Good news first. A local bead store bought ALL my snowpeople to display in their store for sale. I was soo stoked.
For about 1 second I felt famous. It was gooood.
So next week, I need to go in with more stuff, so they can build up my lil' artists nook. Oh, no pressure there.
So, I just shook my head as she's telling me to bring in more stuff for the public, and inside I'm screaming...."WHAT??
Omigod, what do you want me to bring in? Guide me. Lead me, oh
Great Bead Store owner..." Guess I'll have to figger this one out on my own.
Oh, oops. The bad news? There isnt any.
So anyway....Im off on a venture to decide WHAT to bring in to the owner, so I can impress her AND keep her interest.
But aren't my snowpeople delightful?
Oh, and the tags? I take NO credit.
They are compliments of Genea Beads...only her tags say Genea and mine say Lori Beedz....but the concept is the ThankU Genea!
You rock sister.

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Jennifer said...

those are absolutely adorable!!!