December 23, 2008


You know your boring when your own dog falls asleep at your work table.

More SnowPeeps? Does it ever end?
Apparently NOT. They are just too fun.

Aww....don't you remember being a kid and laying in an untouched powdered snow section that has no yellow spots, moving your arms and legs up & down, and it looks like a real angel?
I miss being a kid.
Whoever said it was fun to grow up....Lied.

Why have I named them?? Because it makes it easier on my SnowPeep Mommas by pointing them out by name, instead of being frustrated by trying to tell me colors of what they want. I did NOT realize the pink for their cheeks was that pink! Yow. I guess its colder here than what we thought.....Poor SnowPeeps. At least their ears are covered. Nothing compares to having an earache in the cold weather.
Brrrr...can it get ANY colder??
Last I checked we lived in OHIO, not Alaska. Dammit.
I have ONE more gift to get, and then we are done. D.O.N.E.
Buying for 5 kids and making each gift special and one to remember isnt always as easy as it sounds. I just cant wait to see their faces when they open gifts.
Speaking of kids....Gary just cant wait until Christmas to give me his gifts.
He's like a fat kid in the donut shoppe....But I can't complain too much.
He did gooooood. Then again, he always does. That's my Gary.
Anyone else have more shopping to do? Wrapping gifts yet?
We got all of our Holiday hard candy made...Cinnamon, Cherry, Peppermint & Orange. Its soo much fun. And yummO good!
I'm making a HUGE beef tenderloin for Xmas Eve...pure heaven on your palatte. I have to finish my food shopping tonite, squeeze in my Kolacky Cookies, prepare for a house full and hide from the Hospital Lab.
I have NO more blood to give. I'm bruised and sore.
Tapping into bruised veins is NOT a good time.
I wouldn't recommend it.
If the hospital calls you and asks if you know where Lori is.
You lie.
And you better lie well.....

I'm counting on you.
Merry KissMoose and Happy HollyDayz.

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