December 24, 2009

Happy Merry Ho Ho Ho

I cant believe its Christmas 2009.
And in One year, O months, O days, it will be Christmas again. And you know how fast that goes.
But here I am using the word 'Twas' .....
Twas the Night before Christmas, and all thru the house, not a creature was stirring (except the dog), not even a mouse.

(There better NOT be mice around here, eeek!)
My stockings were hung by the chimney with care (I dont have a chimney, shut up!) In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be here.....(Well.....Hello fat man in the red suit, may I sit on thee lap? wink*wink)
The teenagers were nestled all snug in their beds, with threats of punishment to shut OFF the Ipods, dancing thru their heads.
Momma (I think thats me) in her kerchef and I in my cap
(wait, wait, thats me)
had just settled down for a long winters nap. (Who does that anyway?)
When out on the lawn, there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see which drunken neighbor had caused the matter.
Away to the window, I flew like a flash (I really dont move that fast, I'll pull a muscle or something traumatic), tore open the shutters & threw up the sash. (WTH is a sash?)
When what to my wondering eyes should appear?
(And, no............................... I have NOT started drinking. Yet.)
But a miniature sleigh & 8 tiny reindeer.
With a lil ol' driver, so lively & quick, I knew in a moment it had to be
St. Nick. (Alright, enough, now.
Where is the lemon & salt, with that tequila I asked for?)

Ok, ok, I'll dont beg.
Christmas really IS my favorite time of year....
A time for feasting, giving, receiving, believing and magic.
Theres always a magical quality in the air around this time, I do love that. I especially love how my 20 year old son, shoddily wrapped Christmas gifts this year.
He tried to STAPLE the gift bags closed. Ahh....yes. yes.
I just smiled and reminded myself, this is why men and women are NOT created equal.
Just watch a man try to wrap gifts.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

December 14, 2009

Vampires & Lungs...........

What do you get when you cross a
Vampire with Pneumonia?
My daughters, Haleigh and Lauren...

Ok, ok...allow me to back up, because this is so NOT making sense right?

Lauren has a bad patch on her left lung that loves to go into pneumonia.
Why? Because it can, I spose. Why else? To make our lives hell, who knows.....because life cant be easy. Because God said..."Let there be hell on earth"....I dont know, I dont have all the answers, sheesh!
So, we are back to the doctor, I think I just need to bring my bed next time, with me. Set it up in the back. Would that be strange?
Antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments if this cant get a hold on itself...Poor Lauren :(
Then God spoke and She said, "I shall turneth Haleigh into a pale
ghost- like phantom-apparition"
Poof! Done. Your wish is granted.
Ok, ok, so it didnt really go like that, but the child is pale. Phantom like.
White. Ok, ok, we all know she's white, but THIS white? Geez.
And THIS tired? Whats wrong with you child? You should be full of rum & liquor, I mean vim & vigor....well. You. Know. What. I. Mean.
So, I drag her butt back into the doctor (and, why didnt I bring my bed? *scratches head*) Well, see....she's got this eensy weensy itty bitty tinesy winsey hole in her heart. Its not a HUGE deal, but its enough of a deal, to not allow the blood flow from her heart to her brain when she stands, and well.....thump. There she goes. She blacks out. Syncope.
She'll outgrow it.
In the interim, it makes her funky.
Describe funky. Well, funky is this pale, ghost, phantom like child that tires easy and is losing months of her childhood.
Its not fair, I scream, its not fair ! ! !
Ohh, shut up Lori, who on earth told you life would EVER be fair?
Its almost like one big fat joke. But if lifes a joke, I sure DONT get it, do you?
I know, I know, stop torturing yourself, Lori.
Life will do it FOR YOU....
Ok, ok, I know I know. Something positive you say...
Start living with the glass half full, blah blah blah....
But honestly, life really is like a trampoline........
A cement trampoline.
The End.

November 30, 2009

We've survived the F L U ........

We did it. We survived the I-N-F-L-U-E-N-Z-A.....
Shhh, dont say it too loudly, it might come back. (knocks on wood)....what seems like an eternity, and well, wasssss *hiss*....we were down over a month with the stupid stuff. Its nasty, dont let it fool you.....

And to think of all that time, I spent sanitizing prior...doorknobs, bannisters, lightswitches, other people....
Ok, ok, so Im a bit obsessive, Ive never said I'm not...but all that time Lysol-ing and disinfecting, for what?
A more powerful bug? A smarter wiser, "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!" anyway, bug? Ok, ok, so the dog didnt get it.

As for the baby? I made her.
Not literally, I mean....I did. I mean, know what I mean.
She'll be on eBay later....I think she's the only one in the house that escaped "the bug".....thank God. At least someone did!

I'll be back with the link later.... (Im back, click on pic)
Dont let my flu-bug-incessantly-whining-pathetic-poor-me-post scare you off....wait.....dont go......hold on....were healthy now, I swear.
I wont sanitize anymore, I promise least not the lightswitches.
Ok, ok, not the doorhandles either...and not the dog. I wont do it, I promise.....The OCD is getting better, I swear..........
*Grabs can of Lysol & sprays................*

November 12, 2009

Flu Bug

We've had the Flu-Bug for a month now.
Thats all I have to say bout' that.

October 30, 2009

Mak'n Babies.......

I am PUBLISHED in Discover Dolls Magazine!

This is such an exciting opportunity....and actually the 2nd time I've had a magazine article come out, but they did a fan-tabulous job, I love their color choices and everything just melds soo nicely......
As for the cutie on your left in pink, If I had to pick a doll that I've made to be an all time fav....I'd pick this beauty.....
Its amazing to be able to pick up a bar of Polymer Clay and create a
life-like infant....I look forward to my next doll reproduced into Vinyl, so many Doll Collectors can enjoy them......As for this baby girl, she'll stay a OOAK (one of a kind)......I'll be making more babies soon....and baby chimps.....Stay tuned.....its gonna get Gooooooooooooood..........

Annual Helium Sucking..............

Just sharing some really fun pics of the kids this past week....
Tim & Ashley are the little lovebirds....(does anyone remember what
that feels like, lol.....) I was losing daylight fast, so if they appear grainy, just get over it. But you remember, c'mon...the belly butterflys,
your heart on Cloud 10....thats above Cloud 9, right? be young and in love......

I'm always a sucker for B&W shots with a splash of color....
Brings out such interesting visual direction.....

Then to ice the cake, literally speaking....Laurens Sweet "16" was on Monday....holy crap. This means that Mommas gett'n old....because
I share a birthday 3 days later, and for scientific reasons beyond my understanding, I continue to age while my children age....WTHeck?
Wheres Ponce De'Leon and the Fountain of Youth, when you need him? DONT get me started on that one....

I have to say, that my kids really went the xtra mile for my birthday....
They made it really special....Plus, they were smart about it...
They decided to get TWO candles, a 3 & a 9, instead of all 39 candles....
For safety issues I'm sure....I enjoy playing with fire, but not on my birthday. I must restrain.....and be a good example to my children.

Speaking of good examples, the Annual Helium Balloon Sucking came off great!!!!!
....And...and...are you ready? I got Silly Stringed!
Pink, in fact....when I least expected it....Man, does silly string smell baaaaad..........
I've come to the conclusion that Helium is MUCH safer than the smell of Silly String, I'm sure you'd agree......smelling those intoxicating fumes as it dangles off your hair cannot be safe!

As for child # 3......Miss Haleigh Girl. :(
Oh boy....we're going on DAY 10 of the FLU. I'm taking her to the doctor today, to check for that crap they call Swine....

I'm seriously contemplating wrapping myself head to toe, in Saran Wrap, for protection. A girl cant be too careful out there.....
The hardest decision, is with clothes, or without.....
Damn, I hate big life decisions.....Don't you?

October 20, 2009

Bead Porn

Oh. Wow.
You MUST see all the new BeadPorn....that's all I'm going to say about that.
Click on the bead.
You know what to do.

October 15, 2009

Shoo Fly, Dont bother me..............

Ya know....there are some things I make, and I'm like...yah, ok, cute.
This one? Oh gawd, this one cracks me UP. Shoo fly, dont bother me...
I mean, how can you go wrong with this piece?
You get 2 flys and 1 piece of poo.

You know, Poo-poo, Number 2, Shit, Chit, Dingleberry, Butt flakes,
Butt goblin, Big ol' Texan, BM, Bowel Movement, Brownies, Butt Nuggets, Doody, Dookie, Dump, Droppings, Feces, Poopy Pie, Pooplets, Returds, Shiza, Splasher, CaCa....

Oh lord, I digress. Ever get hung up on a word and you cant let go?
I have no excuses...Im just gross I guess.
I mean WHO on earth would even think of a fly & poop necklace?

Oh c'mon, you know your IS funny.
So if your looking for that something special for Christmas, you know the type....the person you have to buy for, out of sheer obligation, but that person has everything type of person? You know WHO you are.

This is for you.

October 12, 2009

Neck Art......

Ooooooo, is this just freegan kewl or WHAT?
I had soo much fun making this piece
...(altho, I cannot take credit for the design itself -thankyou goes to Kerry Bogert).........

But Lauren wore this necklace to school today and everyone wanted one.
The neat part about this design is you can wear it ANY size you want. The green lampwork bead, makes the whole thing slide, so you simply put it over your head and slide the green bead, and well....Voila! The perfect necklace!!
I made all these beads a few nights ago, & I'm always looking for ideas on ways to put my beads together, then give up and sell them on JustBeads.

But these? These puppies begged me to weave them into something grand....something great, so they could scream, "Look at ME!"....

Ok, ok. So they didnt scream, they spoke softly.
Either way, they spoke & I listened.
Communication is how relationships stay together anyhow....
Are we talking about beads or men? Sheesh....I'm definately losing
my touch on reality.

But I'm ok with that, I really am.

October 8, 2009

Color makes me Happy........

There is nothing like a cool, crisp Fall Day, I get to light up my hot torch and play with rainbows. I mean, who am I to complain about that?
But who am I kidding, there's always room to complain! Lol....
But back to color....
If you think about it, color dominates our lives. Red can make you feel tense, whereas blue can calm your mood down. Its true.

Color is a HUGE part of every day life.
Its how we know when to STOP at the RED light, GO at GREEN
all the way down to the color of our food, right?
I mean, its deeper than people really think about.
Would you eat a Blue watermelon? Orange corn? Purple apples?

I guess you would if that's how the color was presented to you in the 1st place....but color rides deep into your soul.
Some relate to color as your "Chakra.."
(i.e. green = the heart, yellow is the solar plexus or the organs below the rib cage (endocrine, stomach, liver spleen...) and so on. Even red is determined to increase your appetite and used in some restaurants, etc.)

Oh gawd, I didn't mean to make this soo complex, lol, but did you learn something new? Color therapy dates back to the Ancient Egyptians...
there was a spiritual reason that the grass was green and the sky was blue.
Then today's big wigs come in and talk about how refraction and subtraction and the eye interprets light, etc.

I mean, seriously. Couldn't we have just left the whole theory alone and speculate as to why tomatoes turn red when their ready to eat, or why every things soo green in the summer? Glorious colors erupt in the Autumn....because Mother Nature says so? That's good enough for me.
I dont need to know the chemical theory behind lycopene for my red tomatoes. Umm, when they are bursting red and full of flavor, they are simply ready to eat right? Pass the salt please.
Speaking of red ripe tomatoes...I tried one of those TopsyTurvy upside down tomater plants this summer. And I have a pretty green thumb.
Umm, nope. Didn't work. I didn't get ONE tomato off that plant, I was soo ticked off. I even contemplated stealing one of my neighbors vine tomatoes, but figured that would screw up my Chakra somewhere and Lord have mercy, I don't wanna do that.
And who on earth made up the word GREEN THUMB?

My thumb is not really green, but when I grow great plants, I'm considered to have a green thumb? See?? Now that's one of those things, that Chemists can NOT decipher or take apart and find some chemical reason, my green thumb was not working this summer and my tomatoes never turned red.
See? See how color is such a big part of your life?
Color is a HUGE part of my life. Not only the day to day stuff, but
I get to PLAY with every color of the rainbow. I get to melt color after color of glass and make my OWN rainbows.
Chakra THAT!

September 26, 2009

Just a splash of color................

I love black & white photos with just a hint of...
I took these of Lauren tonite, before her B.I.G. date with Mitchell.
Yes, Lauren is dating.
I know, I know...don't say it.
"Lori. Your. Getting. Old."
There...I said it....happy now, lol?

September 21, 2009

New beedz, new auctions...........

Hey Peeps!
Spent my day transferring over my beads from Etsy to Auction Style at

I dont know about you, but
I LOVE Halloween !!
Maybe its because I have a birthday right near Halloween?

Maybe its because I enjoy playing dress up and wearing things I normally would not....its a great excuse, right?
Who needs an excuse to play dress up anyway?

*raises hand lightly and meekly*

September 17, 2009

Carefully choose what you wish for.....

I love birthdays.

What a great reason to eat buttercream icing. Not that you really need a reason, but C'mon now...who honestly NEEDS a reason??

But even better, is watching my kids faces light up, when I lite a candle on each cupcake and hand it to them...

You see, each cupcake with a lit candle, represents a "Wish" get ONE wish & you better think fast....
Choosing to carefully wish your wish.....

There's nothing better in the world, than buttercream icing and a wish...
Sometimes I wish I were a kid again....
Skinned knees are alot easier to fix than a broken heart......................

September 11, 2009

Lots of creative flow...........

Fun new stuff! You can find each one in my Etsy Store (to yer left).
Is everyone getting ready for Halloween, or is it just me?
I LOVE fall!

September 8, 2009

Winner of the Labor Day Bead Giveaway!

Lori Crocker-Ortiz, c-o-o-o-me on down.....
Your the next contenstant on the Bead is Right!
Ok, ok, so that was a bad interpretation of The Price is Right....
I dont even look like Bob Barker.

*whew, thank God*

So anywhoo.....Lori, drop me an email, so that I can ship this
little piece of bead porn your way.
Smiles and Happy Tuesday!

September 4, 2009

TGIF FREEBY Friday Bead Giveaway.................

Hey you! T.G.I.F. -
Thank God its Free Bead Day
I am offering up this bead to a random winner that will be picked on Monday- 09-07-09 Yes, Labor Day.

What do you do?
Just post a comment here.

Nicely please, oy-vey...sarcasm is fine.
Or you can email me at

Its up to you, but I wouldnt let this baby go...she's a beauty.
She stands 1.5" tall and I will wire wrap er' fer ya, so you can wear her around your neck if you choose to do so. Otherwise, she can stand alone.
You can email me or comment once a day, if you do both, then you get 2 hits for the day.
I will be writing down first names of everyone that either comments OR emails.

Speaking of standing alone...............
Sometimes its good to stand alone.....Even if your lonely, its better to be alone and at peace, then with someone whos toxic and steals all of your peace. Your still alone, only miserable too.

Standing alone is good. Its healthy. Its brilliantly smart in some cases....its liberating, its scary, its fun, but most of all, you realize again, how beautiful & simple, life really is.............
Funny how we forget that when were with a person that cant see what you see.

So I stand alone.
I feel good.
Have a great T.G.I.F. Free Beady Friday!!!
Enter your Comments to Win!

Winner Announced on Monday, Labor Day!!!

August 6, 2009

My Budding Artist....

She. Is. Soo. Cool.
This girl is going to grow up and be on FIRE!
Not only did she take up Lampworking this Summer, but her photography
skills are growing by the second.
All of my brood are talented, i.e. my son has the gift of gab...yes, you heard right...blab...I mean gab. Probably more 'word vomit' than gab, but hey,
that takes talent & technique, so stop laughing! (*hee-hee*)
Then we have Lauren!
I bought her a beautiful black hardcover Artists Sketchbook...
OMG...if you could flip the pages in this book, your smile would be eternal.
Oh, I know...Just Stop!
You know how it is...everyone likes to talk up their own kids...
but it TIS' true, if you tell your children they CAN do something, you'll be right. They CAN. If you tell them they can''ll be right on that one too.
Life is funny sometimes & unpredictably odd, but whatever you do in life,
be sure to tell your children what great people you think they are today.
And tomorrow. And the next day...Your children are God's Masterpieces...
I never understood a Mothers love until I had a child myself....
Then, there is always the occasional day, where you simply remember, that Human Beings are the only creatures on earth, that allow their children to come back home.
Either way, and whatever your going thru, just remember, that there is a moment in growing up, that a door opens and lets the future in...

August 1, 2009

A new baby Monkey....

I am FINALLY back to work.
This is good news. No, no, wait....this is GREAT news!
As alot of you know, I am moving in a few weeks, life gave me some lemons, but instead of making a puckered up ugly face, I made lemonade.

Along with the lemonade came a new Sculpt. Baby Monkey Stella!
And yes, she is made from a Bar of Clay. Pretty NeatO, if I can say so myself. I am always amazed how a block of clay can spring to life off my sculpting desk. Its pretty neat....and even better news..... she sold to a new Monkey Momma this morning! Congrats new Monkey Mommy if your reading this!! Lil Monkey Stella will be on her way home soon.
I am taking a well needed break from the computer & taking my girls to Barnes & Noble. I am dying for a Carmel Frappacino...Extra whip & carmel syrup......Mmmm, YummO.
Along with the 146 pictures I took of the Monkey, came along the news (well, New news for me) but Microsoft has abolished Front Page.
Are you KIDDING me?
Front Page is a web designing program, that allowed me to go in and add everything to my website(s). Well, guess what?
NOT anymore.
So for 7 years, I've used Front Page for ALL my editing, all my pictures are in my files in Front Page.....Soo frustrating.... ;(
After 3 full days behind my computer screen, coding HTML for an auction,
looking for lost files, sizing pictures,
OMG ! ! !..................... its time to take a well deserved break.
So, if you need to find me, I'll be the one hiding out in the corner, ball cap on, hiding from the Paparazzi, drinking my Carmel Frapp.
Oh wait....strike the paparazzi thing....I made that up.
But I will still be in the corner, hiding from life and that dagummed
But...But.... life has had some interesting neat things in store for me....
Actually I cant wait.
Life is good, and doors are opening L & R.
Oh, did I mention, I got centerfold? No, no, not Playboy Centerfold....
but one of the BIGGEST Doll Magazines in the world!
Discover Dolls will be featuring Moi, lil ol' ME, in their next issue!
I am soo proud .....and happy.
Maybe that lemonade doesn't taste so bad after all....?
It really is all about perception.....& sometimes an ugly puckered up sour lemonade face.......

But in the end, everything that happens, has a reason.
And if you get up ONE more time than you fall,
You will make it thru

July 23, 2009

I swear, it was going to eat my face off.....

I swear. And I dont swear often.
Ok, ok, so I do, but I'm trying to quit-
Cut me some slack, sheesh, I swear. Ooops, there I go again...daggumit anyway.
So, I'm travelin down the road, taking my son to work, there is a light mist
out, and I used my wipers once maybe twice.
We're chattin....still chattin....about a mile in, is when I SEE IT.
Its long and its mean & its green. And its looking at me.

What is IT?
IT is a Praying Mantis...I swear that sucker was at least 4 ft. long.
Ok, so maybe 4"....but you weren't there, so dont hate.

And its sitting right ON my dash, which in turn made me about wreck my car!!!
Thank God, I am now passing the Fire Station, because if this thing eats me, then I am close to help.

Now, if you know anything about Praying Mantis(s), I dont know
what they are praying about, but I am certain its praying about eating my face off.
And by the way, dont they kill after they've mated ????
If this thing thinks I AM her mate, then I'm assuming its an instant death.
I've never mated with an insect, and I dont plan on starting now.

It crossed my mind, that the thing was dead, because even the windshield wipers wasn't making her move 1 little hairy leg. Tim claps towards it, I'm totally freaking out and making some sort of odd screaming sounds, that even I haven't heard before. I swear.

Now....she decides to move one of her legs, ever so slightly, so I am threatening Tim, that if he claps again, and this thing lands on my face, and then eats me, I will NOT be able to pick him up from work.
He will have to find a ride home. I swear.

Somehow, someway, I made it to Tims work, I put that car into park,
jumped outta that car soo fast, I must have looked like Wonder Woman.
Where is she after all? I mean, I totally digged her outfit and all her power, I definately wanted to BE Wonder Woman....Didn't she wear red boots?

What does this have to do with the Praying Mantis eating my face off?

Nothing at all.

So, Im out of the car, dancing & screaming.....
and Tim is being all big & bad (because he has the need to impress the new girlfriend, who is at work, and POSSIBLY watching out the window)
Yah, umm...right, anyway....
His "man plan" is to scoop this thing up in his hand, and toss it out the door.
So he reaches in, to go for the scoop, when IT MOVES and now we have Tim freaking out !! Yah...nice man plan, lol....Sheesh, I swear.

So, thank the Good Lawd I have kleenex and LOTS of it, because Plan (A) to scoop it up, which didnt work. So Plan (B) is to use the kleenex to coax it out of the car and back into the world, but Plan (B) failed and all I heard was a big S-P-L-A-T !!

So instead of having the usual dust on my car dash, I now have
bug guts and its stinking.
Have you EVER smelled bug guts? Its gross, so DONT.
Whew, the initial problem is solved, but as I'm driving home, all I can think about, is the fact, that more Praying Mantis could be hiding in my car, and they are all talking, praying and planning to eat my face off.

I get home, and Google, Praying Mantis.
Did you know they can turn their heads 180 degrees?
Holy crap. They use their front legs, to snare their victim, with reflexes soo quick, the naked eye cant see it happen.

What is it about the word naked eye, that makes me giggle?
Teehee.....naked. Eye....*giggle*

So, back to my purpose, their legs have spikes for snaring prey and pinning it in place.

And as you know, they also eat their mate either during sex, or shortly thereafter, but that does NOT deter the males from reproduction.

Pffftt.....go figure.
Imagine that. I will not even GO there, because we all know
what MEN and SEX equal.
Well you all know the answer to that question.....

But if us Women were smart, and started taking the Praying Mantis's advice, we'd all EAT our mates and be MUCH HAPPIER.

Sheesh. I swear.

July 15, 2009

Around and around we go.........

WOW....what incredibly fun is this piece??
I was soo insipired by my new copy of SBS Wire Jewelry Summer 2009--
and not only did it inspire ME, but my daughter (Haleigh) ended up torching
herself for almost 3 hours yesterday !!! It was definately a creative type of day.
I LOVE those days, dont you?
A HUGE thank you goes out to Kerry Bogert for designing such a fun way to
use glass discs, and for helping to make the most AWESOME-NESS RING's around!
I will post more pictures later, but cant you just see this ring on YOUR finger?
Oh, no doubt, so do I!
You know you want one......
Go ahead....Splurge, they are only $14.00 W/FREE S&H.
You deserve it.....and I'm having WAY too much fun making them.
This should be illegal.....but its off I go, to make MORE!!!
I'll Be Back (*insert best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*)

July 2, 2009

Why it's Pinocchio!!!

Do I even need to caption this photo?
Honestly, do I?
For some reason............
I think it speaks for itself.
Where IS Geppetto when
you need him??

Timothy Nicolls (circa 2009*)

July 1, 2009

Outsmarting the Shedding

So, Miss Kady Dog, has this habitual habit of jumping in my laundry basket. Although she loves dirty laundry *ewww*, she has NO problem hopping into a basket of freshly folded clean towels. She does not discriminate...clean OR dirty.
I swear this dog has jack-rabbit feet. Her jumping capabilities for a long hot dog body impress me, and I'm not easily impressed. The laws of gravity do not apply to this dog, because anything THAT long, should be UNable to jump that high.
Now, if you know anything about Dachshund's, they are burrowers. Kady loves to bury her stuffed animals, herself (in laundry), get the picture. AND, its shedding season.
Now I love this little hot dog, but when its shedding season, and your burrowed down IN, my CLEAN freshly laundered towels, well.....Houston, we have a problem.
And its not just clean laundry she's dirty-ing, but laying on MY white pillowcase, while I work at my computer which is in the bedroom. OK, why is it, every time I turn around, I see little black hairs EVERYWHERE? Umm...yaah.....NOT good for my O.C.D.
So, I got smart and decided to wear black while taking the dog on a walk.
Kady wears black, and so shall I!
Haa! I have outsmarted this forever shedding wiener....
When lo & behold, as we are walking, she spots a Chihuahua.
This is like a 1 pound dog OK? I'm now talking to Kady, explaining to her, that we are NOT afraid of 1 pound dogs. She's NOT listening.
She's jumping up, and she jumps HIGH, remember? If she could talk, she'd be screaming, "Mom....Mom....M-O-T-H-E-R pick me up. I demand to be picked UP!"
So, I give in, NOT because I feel sorry for her, but ....well.....I don't know, stop badgering me!
Now, you remember I have outsmarted the shedding problem by wearing a black shirt, right?
The dog is black, right?
Umm, yaahh....not soo smart.
When we get home, I take one look at my nice new black shirt...........
And I'm COVERED with WHITE hair from her underbelly.
I'm sure that I'm covered in black hairs too, I just cant see them.
So much for outsmarting the dog.
I'm sure that lil' 1 pound Chihuahua is still laughing at us both.

June 25, 2009


Ever just have a bad day, err, uhh, I mean YEAR?

Umm, ya....sorry for the NON Blogging lately.
(P.S....for my customers waiting, I AM sculpting a newborn baby Monkey)

Will show pics by next week!

For those that like to follow me health wise, I am taking a new drug called Savella.
Its indicated specifically for Fibromyalgia and has a light anti-depressant in it.

I "think" its helping.....I'm sleepy though on it.
Sooo sleepy, that I fell asleep at the wheel last week.
My foot slipped off my brake, and I hit the guy in front of me.

Boy was he pissed off.....

All I can say, is THANK GOD I wasn't driving fast, or merged left of center.
Praise God. It could have killed me!
Sure was a wake up call, and a big thanks to God for giving my Guardian Angel
overtime that day. I know the economy's bad, but please give our Guardian Angels
LOTS of overtime..... It saved my life.


June 4, 2009

Oooooh, Purses, Hand Bags & The Bomb-Sniggety!!!


So, Mum & I, are at JoAnns Fabric Store, looking for hell-O, I cant remember.
When this PURSE pattern jumps out of the rack, and literally lands in our lap.
It was amazing, I've never seen anything quite like it.
Ok, it didnt quite go like that.....but stay with me here.

Mom has the pattern in her hands, and it creates MONSTERS, out of 4 Un-Suspecting people.
Those 4 being, Mom-Me-Lauren & Haleigh.....(soon to be YOU!)

And I'm not shamelessly promoting these purses, these handbags are
like 'Purse-Crack'.
You can NOT get enough of them....

They are like Caffeine, Redbull, Speed, Mountain Dew...
whatever your poison, these are IT. And I mean, these are IT.

Did I mention these are it?

Ok, so here's the deal-liO...Mom makes the Base (purse).
Think of it as Home-Base. So, HomeBase comes in multitudes of colors.
And as you can see, homebase, is a quilted type nice thick base....
Black, Navy, Olive, Cream, Red., etc....I chose black, as did each of my girls, and
Mom made herself a navy blue one. And doesnt matter what color your base is...

These are IT.

Is there an echo in here?

So, once your base is made, you can see the buttons, surrounding homebase.
Eight buttons (4 on each side). Those buttons, button ON your choice of fabric.
a.k.a.-Sleeves............Then you can choose a 1 big button tab closure...or, well, talk to Mom.

Now, this is like having a NEW purse each & every time, that you change purse sleeves.

Freekin fantastic, because I get bored with the same ol' purse.
I now have 3 sleeves and have changed my purse to match my shoes.
I know, I have not only a shoe fetish, but now I have a purse fetish.
(thanks Mother-if your reading this ;)

So, the lime green above, matches my Green Crocs.
My blue one matches my navy Converses.
Do you see a pattern here? Yes, I need help, but honestly, I'm ok with it.
I admit my insanity....really I do....

So, you go to
and you order your base purse.
Um, now. Go on, you know you want to.
And if your anything like me, the Economy does NOT exist when it comes to
Make-up, Converse Shoes, A&W Rootbeer, my Taffy and PURSES.....

So, for less than 50 bucks, for a handmade boutique style quality purse,
you get homebase, one sleeve, and then you can "convo" Mom at Etsy,
and if you dont see a sleeve in her store, that your totally Jonesing for,
then tell her what you have in mind. Mom has the hook-up.

Me? I'm looking for Garfield material....I MUST have a Garfield Purse....
Oh, Oh...& Smurfs! Omigod, am I aging myself? Remember

Smurfette? Papa Smurf....? I loved the Smurfs!

Why are you still here? Get on over to Moms eTsy store....
We ALL need a new addiction!!!


Get outta here......................just GO.
Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars, GO straight to Etsy....
Wait, hold up.... strike that....$200 dolla' buy alotta purses!!

May 30, 2009


Ahem.....So... define the word "Clubbing"
Hello? Clubbing?
My innocent 20y.o.-son, Tim, is going clubbing tonite with his new girlfriend. Now, I am assuming that clubbing does NOT mean, they are taking clubs and beating other people.
I'm also assuming that clubbing has nothing at all to do with golf.
I must try to regress & remember what it was like to be 20 and the world is your oyster.
Ahhh, to be twenty again.....
You have to learn how to love & get hurt. Like 1000 times.
You learn that staying up all night isnt really what its cracked up to be.
Especially when you have to arrive at your J.O.B. by 8am.
You learn that life comes along with this stupid thing called responsibility.
You learn that wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age.
What you NEED to learn, is that life is half spent before we even know what it IS.
At 20, we worry about what others think of us.
At 40, we dont care what others think of us...
And at 60 we discover they weren't even thinking about us at ALL.
Isn't life just funny?
Some days you are the Bug. And some days your the Windshield.
Whether your 20 OR 40.........

1950 meets 2009

Haleigh had the funnest 1950's musical last week. It just so totally rocked. What fun. They did the hand jive & Haleigh can do it soo fast, that she's like a live tornado.

I wanted to get a good shot of her with the 50's Cat Eye Glasses, and my Mom made her a B&W polka dotted scarf. She looked great.
I should have had one made for Miss Kady also, lol......
Summer is upon us, and there are 5 days of school left for my child-ren.
Oh have mercy on my soul!
Let this be another great summer....!!
The pool is filled, bathing suit shopping is almost done, the only thing we are lacking is
sunscreen. Boo-Yaa! I cant wait.
Most people look forward to grilling out, come summer....but not us.
Gary grills out even in the snow, lol.
To make things even better, is my best friend of NINE YEARS came into town, and stayed
with us for 3 days, 2 nights, and I laughed my ass off.
I mean completely off. I tend to gauge my friends with a stomach ache.

No really, just hear me out.
If you laugh soo hard that it gives you a side ache/stomach ache, now THATS a funny friend.
A sure keeper. Thats my friendship with her.
I havent laughed that the 4 years she was away getting her masters degree in Sociology. Man, she came back SMART too!
I think I need to go back to college now, lol.....
All in all, it was a fantabulous time, and when someone tells you that ol' wives tale,
that Laughter really IS the Best Medicine......................
They are right.

May 22, 2009

Funny Faces....

Last nites Concert was whole buncha fun! And you know how it is, don't deny it...
We ALL dread going to these things, because they are just TOO long. Now, if you dont fall
asleep watching everyone ELSE'S kid but yer own, then your the one with the
movie camera, watching everyone ELSE'S kid but your own.

So, 1st, the Seniors were there as well, which was a nice change, and
these 4 guys sang "BarberShop Style" Boy oh boy, was that funny....they are
such characters!!!

Then the "Select Choir" sang, they were all dressed to match, and they all looked great.

This is Lauren. I'm sure you can see by the look on her face, that she's absolutely estatic to
be on stage singing.

Speaking of faces, I found this face.
Stop laughing, that's not very nice. You should see the boy SING.
He's amazing!

By the end of the musical, Lauren was finally starting to shake her booty and get
into the night a lil' bit more than in the beginning. She looked great on stage...
She has a great presence.

Ok. What is up today's teen boys? I mean, look at "the hair"?
Do you find it as funny as I do, or am I just being cruel?
I mean.....Seriously. Ok, ok....I'll stop here.

It was then that I spotted Cousin IT !!
I wonder if he can see past his bangs? It sort of reminds me of an English Sheepdog, I guess.
For some reason, I thought it only looked good on dogs, but hey...Who knew? ! !

Last but not Least.....Yah, yah...dont let this picture fool you.
They were each threatened with the skin of their chinny, chin, chins, to get a nice
smiling GENUINE shot....C'mon....Smile for Mommy .....Mommy has cookies...
Now SMILE, or ........................................