June 26, 2010

Mmmm....Extra Yummy Glass

Its not often that I photograph my beads sunbathing in the nude, but the way they picked up their own reflection....?
How could I NOT share?

The pink raspberry one is a tester bead, that I think deserves siblings, and the other 5 bright babies went into a gawgeous bracelet for my daughter.
As for the pretties on your left, sigh. Probably my fav to date. And yes, they are marble round. I knew you were wondering, so I had to solve that great mystery for you. I paired these lil 14mm honeys up with leaky pen spacers, only 2 are straight up and 2 are encased with clear glass. Not sure where these bubs will end up, but until I decide, yes they are 4 Sale. And yes of course you may buy them;)

June 24, 2010

Weeny Dreams and Future Bead Porn

My dog has the awww factor.
You know what I mean, when you look at something with soo much
cute-ness that you want to lick it. Or eat it.
Or lick it & eat it.
What are you not getting here....? Oh c'mo-o-o-onnn, you know wut I'm say'n! "Aww, its soo cute I could eat it up"

See? Told you. I really need to stop this 2am posting, it tends to be weird and odd. Or odd & weird, I cant decide which one.
Maybe I'll let those men in the whitecoats decide.
Wonder if any of the whitecoats are cute. And single.

So, Kady (The Weeny Dog) is dreaming. I've never quite figured out why dogs arent exempt from dreaming. I mean, seriously.
What on earth do they dream about?
Especially when they whimper and tremble...?

I know, I know....awwwwwww................(dont deny)

I always feel soo bad, that sometimes I wake her up, just so the big bad Milkbone Maffia wont keep chasing her.
Do the Milkbone Maffia even exist?
Do you want them to?

I should have some new Bead Porn to show you here in the next few days....I know you'll love it.
It will have that "aww factor" and lure you in.
Or else you'll just buy beads because I guilted you into it.
Either way, Its time for The Weeny & I to go to bed.
Please see the gutter about your mind, thankyou;)


June 13, 2010

Its the little things that count....

I simply heart the inner glow of these beads...I just had to etch them, so they are a beautiful, matte finish.
6 total beads, all but the purple are 13mm round.
The purple one did not want to behave and somehow became 14mm.

I hate it when that happens.

You'd be shocked at how much 1mm makes...seriously.
I guess thats why they say, even the little things count.
I will be adding them to my
Etsy Store...

Bead Porn 4 your Bidding Pleasure.
Man! That sounds naughty....

Bead Porn tomorrow!!

Actually, Bead Porn today....its after 1am, early Sunday morning, I have beads simmering in the kiln, waiting to be cleaned, etched & photographed.
Oh, and geez, one of my implants broke. 1 of the 3.
And you were thinking I only had 2...where is YOUR head hmmm??

One of my dental implants, the top came off, so now I have this deep hole that was drilled into my gum, and NO dentist...jeepers creepers.
I just dont need anything to get down in there, and create an infection.
You know how weird my immune system is like that....

Im off to see The Sandman, come back mid-afternoon for those Beady Goodies...you wont be sorry...;)

June 7, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

Today was simply perfect for strawberry pick'n.
72* and sunny...not too hot, not too chilly.
The girls ended up pickin 11 pounds of berries!
Im thinking homemade jam and fresh strawberry pie.
There is nothing like eating fresh picked strawberries right off the vine.
We've picked many years, but this year was a good crop year.

And as most of you know me, I look thru the lens of my camera & while snapping lots of really pretty shots, fresh red strawberries, my smiling beautiful girls, fields of wildflowers, half naked little boys with their pants down pee'ing..................wait. Hold up. Just stop. I dont even HAVE a little boy...? What the french?
And then, we see this.
A little boy with his pants down, taking a pee.
Cost of strawberries: $12.85
Cost of sugar to make jam: $3.99
Little boy with pants around his ankles: PRICELESS