June 26, 2010

Mmmm....Extra Yummy Glass

Its not often that I photograph my beads sunbathing in the nude, but the way they picked up their own reflection....?
How could I NOT share?

The pink raspberry one is a tester bead, that I think deserves siblings, and the other 5 bright babies went into a gawgeous bracelet for my daughter.
As for the pretties on your left, sigh. Probably my fav to date. And yes, they are marble round. I knew you were wondering, so I had to solve that great mystery for you. I paired these lil 14mm honeys up with leaky pen spacers, only 2 are straight up and 2 are encased with clear glass. Not sure where these bubs will end up, but until I decide, yes they are 4 Sale. And yes of course you may buy them;)

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