June 7, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

Today was simply perfect for strawberry pick'n.
72* and sunny...not too hot, not too chilly.
The girls ended up pickin 11 pounds of berries!
Im thinking homemade jam and fresh strawberry pie.
There is nothing like eating fresh picked strawberries right off the vine.
We've picked many years, but this year was a good crop year.

And as most of you know me, I look thru the lens of my camera & while snapping lots of really pretty shots, fresh red strawberries, my smiling beautiful girls, fields of wildflowers, half naked little boys with their pants down pee'ing..................wait. Hold up. Just stop. I dont even HAVE a little boy...? What the french?
And then, we see this.
A little boy with his pants down, taking a pee.
Cost of strawberries: $12.85
Cost of sugar to make jam: $3.99
Little boy with pants around his ankles: PRICELESS

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