June 25, 2009


Ever just have a bad day, err, uhh, I mean YEAR?

Umm, ya....sorry for the NON Blogging lately.
(P.S....for my customers waiting, I AM sculpting a newborn baby Monkey)

Will show pics by next week!

For those that like to follow me health wise, I am taking a new drug called Savella.
Its indicated specifically for Fibromyalgia and has a light anti-depressant in it.

I "think" its helping.....I'm sleepy though on it.
Sooo sleepy, that I fell asleep at the wheel last week.
My foot slipped off my brake, and I hit the guy in front of me.

Boy was he pissed off.....

All I can say, is THANK GOD I wasn't driving fast, or merged left of center.
Praise God. It could have killed me!
Sure was a wake up call, and a big thanks to God for giving my Guardian Angel
overtime that day. I know the economy's bad, but please give our Guardian Angels
LOTS of overtime..... It saved my life.


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