July 1, 2009

Outsmarting the Shedding

So, Miss Kady Dog, has this habitual habit of jumping in my laundry basket. Although she loves dirty laundry *ewww*, she has NO problem hopping into a basket of freshly folded clean towels. She does not discriminate...clean OR dirty.
I swear this dog has jack-rabbit feet. Her jumping capabilities for a long hot dog body impress me, and I'm not easily impressed. The laws of gravity do not apply to this dog, because anything THAT long, should be UNable to jump that high.
Now, if you know anything about Dachshund's, they are burrowers. Kady loves to bury her stuffed animals, herself (in laundry), well....you get the picture. AND, its shedding season.
Now I love this little hot dog, but when its shedding season, and your burrowed down IN, my CLEAN freshly laundered towels, well.....Houston, we have a problem.
And its not just clean laundry she's dirty-ing, but laying on MY white pillowcase, while I work at my computer which is in the bedroom. OK, why is it, every time I turn around, I see little black hairs EVERYWHERE? Umm...yaah.....NOT good for my O.C.D.
So, I got smart and decided to wear black while taking the dog on a walk.
Kady wears black, and so shall I!
Haa! I have outsmarted this forever shedding wiener....
When lo & behold, as we are walking, she spots a Chihuahua.
This is like a 1 pound dog OK? I'm now talking to Kady, explaining to her, that we are NOT afraid of 1 pound dogs. She's NOT listening.
She's jumping up, and she jumps HIGH, remember? If she could talk, she'd be screaming, "Mom....Mom....M-O-T-H-E-R pick me up. I demand to be picked UP!"
So, I give in, NOT because I feel sorry for her, but ....well.....I don't know, stop badgering me!
Now, you remember I have outsmarted the shedding problem by wearing a black shirt, right?
The dog is black, right?
Umm, yaahh....not soo smart.
When we get home, I take one look at my nice new black shirt...........
And I'm COVERED with WHITE hair from her underbelly.
I'm sure that I'm covered in black hairs too, I just cant see them.
So much for outsmarting the dog.
I'm sure that lil' 1 pound Chihuahua is still laughing at us both.

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