July 15, 2009

Around and around we go.........

WOW....what incredibly fun is this piece??
I was soo insipired by my new copy of SBS Wire Jewelry Summer 2009--
and not only did it inspire ME, but my daughter (Haleigh) ended up torching
herself for almost 3 hours yesterday !!! It was definately a creative type of day.
I LOVE those days, dont you?
A HUGE thank you goes out to Kerry Bogert for designing such a fun way to
use glass discs, and for helping to make the most AWESOME-NESS RING's around!
I will post more pictures later, but cant you just see this ring on YOUR finger?
Oh, no doubt, so do I!
You know you want one......
Go ahead....Splurge, they are only $14.00 W/FREE S&H.
You deserve it.....and I'm having WAY too much fun making them.
This should be illegal.....but its not...so off I go, to make MORE!!!
I'll Be Back (*insert best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*)

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Animal Prints said...

Wow, how creative and artistic! I absolutely love the combination of the vibrant colors!