October 15, 2009

Shoo Fly, Dont bother me..............

Ya know....there are some things I make, and I'm like...yah, ok, cute.
This one? Oh gawd, this one cracks me UP. Shoo fly, dont bother me...
I mean, how can you go wrong with this piece?
You get 2 flys and 1 piece of poo.

You know, Poo-poo, Number 2, Shit, Chit, Dingleberry, Butt flakes,
Butt goblin, Big ol' Texan, BM, Bowel Movement, Brownies, Butt Nuggets, Doody, Dookie, Dump, Droppings, Feces, Poopy Pie, Pooplets, Returds, Shiza, Splasher, CaCa....

Oh lord, I digress. Ever get hung up on a word and you cant let go?
I have no excuses...Im just gross I guess.
I mean WHO on earth would even think of a fly & poop necklace?

Oh c'mon, you know your laughing....it IS funny.
So if your looking for that something special for Christmas, you know the type....the person you have to buy for, out of sheer obligation, but that person has everything type of person? You know WHO you are.

This is for you.

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