October 12, 2009

Neck Art......

Ooooooo, is this just freegan kewl or WHAT?
I had soo much fun making this piece
...(altho, I cannot take credit for the design itself -thankyou goes to Kerry Bogert).........

But Lauren wore this necklace to school today and everyone wanted one.
The neat part about this design is you can wear it ANY size you want. The green lampwork bead, makes the whole thing slide, so you simply put it over your head and slide the green bead, and well....Voila! The perfect necklace!!
I made all these beads a few nights ago, & I'm always looking for ideas on ways to put my beads together, then give up and sell them on JustBeads.

But these? These puppies begged me to weave them into something grand....something great, so they could scream, "Look at ME!"....

Ok, ok. So they didnt scream, they spoke softly.
Either way, they spoke & I listened.
Communication is how relationships stay together anyhow....
Are we talking about beads or men? Sheesh....I'm definately losing
my touch on reality.

But I'm ok with that, I really am.

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