August 6, 2009

My Budding Artist....

She. Is. Soo. Cool.
This girl is going to grow up and be on FIRE!
Not only did she take up Lampworking this Summer, but her photography
skills are growing by the second.
All of my brood are talented, i.e. my son has the gift of gab...yes, you heard right...blab...I mean gab. Probably more 'word vomit' than gab, but hey,
that takes talent & technique, so stop laughing! (*hee-hee*)
Then we have Lauren!
I bought her a beautiful black hardcover Artists Sketchbook...
OMG...if you could flip the pages in this book, your smile would be eternal.
Oh, I know...Just Stop!
You know how it is...everyone likes to talk up their own kids...
but it TIS' true, if you tell your children they CAN do something, you'll be right. They CAN. If you tell them they can''ll be right on that one too.
Life is funny sometimes & unpredictably odd, but whatever you do in life,
be sure to tell your children what great people you think they are today.
And tomorrow. And the next day...Your children are God's Masterpieces...
I never understood a Mothers love until I had a child myself....
Then, there is always the occasional day, where you simply remember, that Human Beings are the only creatures on earth, that allow their children to come back home.
Either way, and whatever your going thru, just remember, that there is a moment in growing up, that a door opens and lets the future in...

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