December 14, 2009

Vampires & Lungs...........

What do you get when you cross a
Vampire with Pneumonia?
My daughters, Haleigh and Lauren...

Ok, ok...allow me to back up, because this is so NOT making sense right?

Lauren has a bad patch on her left lung that loves to go into pneumonia.
Why? Because it can, I spose. Why else? To make our lives hell, who knows.....because life cant be easy. Because God said..."Let there be hell on earth"....I dont know, I dont have all the answers, sheesh!
So, we are back to the doctor, I think I just need to bring my bed next time, with me. Set it up in the back. Would that be strange?
Antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments if this cant get a hold on itself...Poor Lauren :(
Then God spoke and She said, "I shall turneth Haleigh into a pale
ghost- like phantom-apparition"
Poof! Done. Your wish is granted.
Ok, ok, so it didnt really go like that, but the child is pale. Phantom like.
White. Ok, ok, we all know she's white, but THIS white? Geez.
And THIS tired? Whats wrong with you child? You should be full of rum & liquor, I mean vim & vigor....well. You. Know. What. I. Mean.
So, I drag her butt back into the doctor (and, why didnt I bring my bed? *scratches head*) Well, see....she's got this eensy weensy itty bitty tinesy winsey hole in her heart. Its not a HUGE deal, but its enough of a deal, to not allow the blood flow from her heart to her brain when she stands, and well.....thump. There she goes. She blacks out. Syncope.
She'll outgrow it.
In the interim, it makes her funky.
Describe funky. Well, funky is this pale, ghost, phantom like child that tires easy and is losing months of her childhood.
Its not fair, I scream, its not fair ! ! !
Ohh, shut up Lori, who on earth told you life would EVER be fair?
Its almost like one big fat joke. But if lifes a joke, I sure DONT get it, do you?
I know, I know, stop torturing yourself, Lori.
Life will do it FOR YOU....
Ok, ok, I know I know. Something positive you say...
Start living with the glass half full, blah blah blah....
But honestly, life really is like a trampoline........
A cement trampoline.
The End.

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