May 30, 2009


Ahem.....So... define the word "Clubbing"
Hello? Clubbing?
My innocent 20y.o.-son, Tim, is going clubbing tonite with his new girlfriend. Now, I am assuming that clubbing does NOT mean, they are taking clubs and beating other people.
I'm also assuming that clubbing has nothing at all to do with golf.
I must try to regress & remember what it was like to be 20 and the world is your oyster.
Ahhh, to be twenty again.....
You have to learn how to love & get hurt. Like 1000 times.
You learn that staying up all night isnt really what its cracked up to be.
Especially when you have to arrive at your J.O.B. by 8am.
You learn that life comes along with this stupid thing called responsibility.
You learn that wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age.
What you NEED to learn, is that life is half spent before we even know what it IS.
At 20, we worry about what others think of us.
At 40, we dont care what others think of us...
And at 60 we discover they weren't even thinking about us at ALL.
Isn't life just funny?
Some days you are the Bug. And some days your the Windshield.
Whether your 20 OR 40.........

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