May 6, 2009

Almost 2 am................

I had my EMG's today.

I would rather have natural childbirth, than to be tortured with the electric shocks
into my nerves. FOURTEEN needles later....yes, 14, I was trying to remember
my Lamaze breathing, to get thru the pain of this test.

The torture lasted 45 minutes PER leg, with each poke, prod, stick, poke poke....
My feet are twitching uncontrollably, the pain was almost UN-bearable.

Anyone that can stick a needle in the TOP of my foot, and get it to stimulate
my calf, my thigh, my tailbone and my spine, all in one big SHOCK, should be feared.

So anyway, its late, Im tired, and I have now been diagnosed with Neuropathy in
my right lower leg. Sad, painful and true, that my right leg looks like a 80 year olds.
No wait, in fact, the doctor said he's seen better legs ON an 80 y.o. Wow, thankyou
I feel really good about myself now.

So basically, Neuropathy is a fancy doctor term for Nerve Damage.
I also have a nice group of veins that decided to burst.
The circulation is SOO poor in my legs, that the doctor had to actually HEAT my legs
back up to normal feet were bluish gray.

I'm falling asleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I'll chat again this week, I have some fun new beads to show!

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