May 20, 2009

Oh Poo!!

Oh Poo. Once again, I have failed my dutiful duty to blog. Lol, is dutiful duty even a word??

Sounds to me like this: dootyfull dooty....get it? ok, nevermind.
NeverMind I say!! Let it go.

As for the flies on your left, yes, they are torched by yours truly, and the pile of Poo? Oh know it.
Dont act like you dont like it either.
Its sorta gross in a funny way. And by the look on Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Francine Fly, says it all.

So here's my deal. Yes I have all good (valid) excuses.......................................
1.) My dog ate my blog
2.) I was in a meeting. What?
You weren't invited? That's messed up.
3.) I saw Elvis.
4.) Then I had a meeting with The Pope.
5.) I lost the link to my own Blog.
6.) Who are you again, and why are you reading my Blog?

Ok, I lie, but its all for the valid reasons above. Ok, NO, not really.
My children have 10 days of school left.
Oh holy hell, save me now. Please. Dont sit there and act like you dont understand what I'm saying.... You know how it is, these kids cant WAIT to get out of school. 7 days later, they are BORED. Ha ha, you know its true. Don't act like you dont' know what I'm talkin' bout!!

On a heavier note....I continue to struggle with my health. ;(
I have an appt., with a Neurologist next. Maybe he'll be checking to see if there is actually a brain, who knows. Now, for those that follow my blog religiously (thankyou) you all know I had my EMG's a few weeks back....I blogged about it.

Anywhoo, this is the SAME Neurologist that did my EMG's, so I'm sorta nervous because this is the man that tried to kill me.
No, I'm not embellishing. No I'm not over-exaggerating. No, really...Im serious.
Ok,Ok, so I'm lying, you caught me. But this doctor did the EMG's HIMSELF.
Now, I have to actually go see him as a patient. Eeeekkkk......I'm skeered!!
But you must understand my fear.

As Mr. Electricity Shocking My Legs Neurologist, he sticks a long thin needle into
the arch of my foot.

That hurt.
I mean REALLY hurt.
So, I am holding in my scream, when he sticks a needle in between my BIG TOE & MY 2ND TOE. Now, what this does, is it sends an electrical current thru my foot, into my calf, upper leg, thru my ass and into my spine. I not only screamed, but when I screamed.....I, um.....well.....ummmm......
I farted.

How freegan embarrasing. Seriously. Don't laugh, that could be you next. Pffft.
I am only hoping that my scream was LOUD enough to block the sound of the fart out.You know, who knew that stimulating the nerve in my FOOT, would shock my ASS??!!!

Have you ever been electrocuted by a household item? Any thing? So you know how much it hurts. Well, thats what Mr. Electricity Shocking My Legs Neurologist did to ME.And houses in the U.S. run on 110 volts. When I was in Egypt, everything runs on a 220V.
Thats your DRYER. Imagine getting shocked by that baby.
It happened once to me, when I was plugging in a used dryer, lol.
Shocked the hell out of me, and I actually flew backwards. My arm hurt for a WEEK, after that.

Ok, I'm out of here.....I have sculpting to do....
If you are in the need of beedz, be sure to go to my Etsy shop ok??
Smiles Peeps.

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