December 11, 2008

Bah Humbug!

So I go to the doctor today.

She thinks I have a bacterial blood infection running thru my system.
I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for blood cultures.

Not sure why, but the whole thought of someone "culturing" my blood doesnt sound like alot of fun. I'll survive.
My neck also runneth over.

Meaning, the lymph nodes in my neck decided to get their backs up with big attitude and be stubborn....Most likely I'll end up getting an I.V. Push of antibiotics a few times to knock me back to earth.
Or at least knock my immune system back to norm.

Whatever normal is.
Does anyone really know?

My lymphatic system has always been a little screwy, the fevers make me a smidge tired.....and I fell asleep today when I WANTED to be sculpting or torching....dammit!

Haleigh and I are making homemade cinnamon hard candy, with a nice dusting of powerdered sugar.

Everyone ready for the fat man in the big red suit?
I am.

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