September 14, 2008

Right under my nose......

Isn't it amazing when something is right under your nose, and you didn't even know it??
I've lived off Brandywine Golf Course over a year now. If you ever get a chance to live on a golf it.
The beauty is unsurpassed. Serene, peaceful, calm, green, spacious, gorgeous. At least outside, not inside my house, lol I live in a jungle within, lol.
See mushrooms in post below ;)
Anywhooo.....I've taken the puppy for a daily walk since we got her in April. Almost 6 mos, and I've passed this bird bath at least 87 million times. Probably more. And yet, I have never seen the lion on the side ....a miniature piece of architecture, built right on the side of the bird bath.
But compare it to my life, and its really uncanny.

If you were to see our life as an outsider, we appear to live in a gorgeous home. With gorgeous scenery. The Brady Bunch family, with great smiles and cute fun kids. Right on the golf course. Life looks soo perfect.
But then, right under your nose, is a lion. How can you go soo long & it's right there.....but you never saw it? You pass by it 87 million times, and you never saw what was RIGHT under your nose.
How is that possible. How does that happen to people?
How can you live with a lion, walk past it that many times,
and out of nowhere it ROARS.
I guess we all live with a lion from time to time, sometimes that lion remains calm. Other times that lion bites.
Be very careful of biting lions.
They hurt.

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