September 1, 2008

Etsy Treasury

I am famous.
Yep, you heard right,
Faaaa-mous. If you look up famous on Google, you'll see my name. That's right.
Ok, ok, so I'm not all that famous, but I'm a legend in my own mind. *winks*
Well, I'm sorta kinda famous...I got chosen out of thousands and thousands of bead pictures to be in an
Etsy Treasury! That's quite a big deal....I am very honored to have been chosen, really.
I was soo surprised when I got the email that I had been hand picked.

After deflating my big head from all that importance, I traveled on over to Etsys Treasury to see what all the fuss was.....lo & behold, there's my Kotton Kandy bead among other artists absolutely fabulous beads.
I was soo elated, I could barely contain my excitement, but after finally calming down, taking a good hard look around The Treasury....

I sat down, emailed the link to all my friends, fellow artists, neighbors and colleagues.
Then said to myself...."What the hell is a Treasury?"

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