September 11, 2008

Mr & Mrs Gaylord ~ Rainbow Turtles

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord.
A pair of turtles that is. Mr. Gaylord, well, you can just see his eyes all buggy like men do, looking down, as men do, staring in inappropriate places, as men just know what I mean, right?

Then we have Mrs. Gaylord. Look at her face. I think shes slightly miffed that Mr. Gaylord cannot keep his buggy eyes to himself,
and he's all up in her goodies. !!

Sheesh....go figure, right.

Mr. Gaylords gonna get himself a good smack here real soon, I fear.
If you'd like to smack Mr. Gaylord yourself, he's on etsy as we speak,
or you read, or I speak, or well.....
whatever ~

What a fun pair of lampwork turtles though. I'm on my rainbow
kick again. Colors make me happy.
When Momma's happy, everybuddys happy.

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