August 30, 2008

In love with another Artist....

Im in love.


Yes, Again....!!

Don't be hate'n... it happens.
Your just jealous....
cuz I am in love with yet another artist. *(Jumps up & down to wave HI to Jennifer. Note to self: Next time when jumping, wear sports bra)*

The Joker....ahh.........The Joker. A pencil drawing by my friend, colleague & fellow artist, Jennifer of JSJ Studios.
She also drew one of my sculpted clay baby freegan fantastic is that?

Pretty freegan fantastic if you ask me. It takes a special God given talent to be able to draw at this level. I'm hoping that my middle daughter, Lauren will someday be at Jennifer's high skill level....She's a brilliant drawer for being only 14. Hey Jen.....teach classes? lol..... on The Joker's picture, it will surf you on over to
JSJ Studios and you can take a gander for yourself....What a nice gift this would make for a loved one.
Plus, there is only 116 shopping days left until Christmas.

Er...Uh...STOP....Hold the Train....OhMyGoD....What?
116 shopping days left? Holy Shittake mushrooms....

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

oh, Lori!!! You're such a sweetheart! Thank you :)