August 22, 2008


Heres the promised heart on a navy blue neckwire. I love these neckwires, they come in all colors and are pretty cheap. If interested go to and you'll find them there. Plus they offer free shipping with no minimum, so thats a plus (+)!
What's cheap? I think they are only like 4-5 bucks....I string them on neckwire, because of the way the hole goes vertically thru the bead. If you need help finding the neckwires,
email me, and I'll help.
Other than that....not much new news.....I plan to torch later, so I'm sure I'll have pics to show you sometime tomorrow.... *grin*
Oh wait. I forgot to shamelessly promote myself.
Don't forget to buy a heart or a rainbow bead. *insert cheesy grin here*
I'm always an email away....or comment me....I'd love to hear from you!

EDITING this post....I thought ArtBeads had these neckwires, but its in fact Fire Mountain Gems. Here is a link to the neckwires I like to use for beads:

They are just under $5 dollars, and come in a variety of colors!
Thanks to Dave for asking...... Smiles, Lori


Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Lori,

Nice choker and nice picture...I'm trying to figure out exactly which kind of neckwire that is. Is it like this neck ring? (

Keep up the good work!

--Dave Robertson
at Rings & Things

Lorin said...

Hi Dave!
I edited my post & added the link to the neckwires I like to use.

I hope this is helpful to you....if you have any more questions, dont hesitate to ask...!!


Dave Robertson said...

Hi again, Lori,

Ah, that's where to get the neckwire...thanks for the closeup too!

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