August 26, 2008

Im in LOVE

Im in love.

*insert best shower singing voice here*
"Cuz I'm in luv wit a strippa...."

No really, Im in love.
Look at this bead.

I said , look at this bead!
There. There.
Arent you happy you looked? I did NOT make this bead. I repeat, I did NOT make it... But I secretly wish I did....(shhh, don't tell Renee!)
Renee of JetAge Studio's did.....AND, AND, if you click on the booty-ful bead, you'll be able to look at more of Renee's work
& drool as I've done ~ all over my keyboard. ~
*Grabs kleenex to clean up spit - and hands you one too*
Oh Renee, I heart you. I soo totally heart you.
I mean, I really love your work! Is it possible? Is it possible, that Im in love with another artist that makes the most beautiful beads this side of planet earth?
Pfffft.....Anythings possible. Hell, look at the rack on my tomatoes! *grins & winks*


Anonymous said...

OMG you crazy Chiquita!!! Geeze, am I blushing!! Pfffft yourself!! Luv ya too!!

Lori said...

*Giggles* Hello! To my favorite Bead Porn Star -Renee-!

Good to see you, surfing my neck of the woods...