August 24, 2008

Tomato Gods

YannO, I'm not real sure what to make of this.

The Tomato Gods have been rather unusual this year.
OK, downright embarrassing.....
On our left we have a tomato with a really nice "rack".
On our right.....ahem...cough...*grin* need I say more?
Lawsie mercy, its just not right to even eat tomato's that
resemble body parts & orifices, It's just not right.

Then we have this big bottomed girl.
Obviously the Tomato Gods have been hard at work this year.
I mean, why my tomato plants insist on producing large assed
and big busted perky vegetables, one has to wonder why.

As to why, we'll probably never have those answers....
But *ahem* can you pass the salt please?


Jennifer said...

LOL!!!! Lori those are hillarious! I agree, it's just not right!

Anonymous said...

Those are really very disturbing to me. I know of NO ONE but you who could produce something like those. Love ya anyway !!!