August 17, 2008

Im Sulking.......

Im sulking.
You'll find me in a corner today with my arms crossed and a biotch look on my face.
Why am I sulking and being such a big baby?

Because I can.
No really......why? Because NONE of my bead auctions got even ONE tiny measly bid. What's even worse....I had like 16 people look at my auction pages on uh, I mean eBay. 16. Pfffffttt....

What do those numbers mean? It means the typical
-August is slow month- everyone's school shopping....but it also means NOT enough people drove into my auction. 16 people ? What a joke.

Where am I headed with all this babyish feeling sorry for myself biotch moment?
I'm headed towards the fact that it seems if you want to get noticed on uh, I mean eBay - you are forced to pay an additional $19.95 to feature your auction. ON TOP of your listing fees.

Lawsie mercy, I mean....hello?? $19.95? It's just stupid.
Even then, there's no guarantee's!
But then again, life has no guarantee's does it?
ESPECIALLY when it comes to making a wage on eBay.

2 years ago, I couldn't keep up with my bead making.....Beads were flying off my torch faster than I could make them.

And now?

*Heads back to corner and stomps feet like a small child -
then smiles & grins, remembering how good an old fashioned
temper tantrum feels*

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