August 13, 2008

Eyeball Candy!

I am soo tickled pink with how these came out. Wicka-Wicka Sweeet!

I have finally dusted off my poor lonely torch & free'd my glass.
Let it go.
Let it flow.
Sorta like I've approached life lately. Learning to adapt & remain flexible. Finding a mental & emotional balance without an attachment to specific outcomes.

Flexible attitudes build flexible physiology. Flexible physiology means more resilience in times of challenge or strain. Staying open—emotionally—insures internal flexibility.

Life is about learning, taking risks. Without risk there is no gain.
Exactly how I approached my glass last night. Took a risk without worrying about the outcome.

The pink & black focal is the longest measuring in at 1.5", with the others run real close in length.
Wire wrapped and to your door for $20.00 a piece.

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