August 16, 2008

It's saTURDay ! ! ! !

Hello Blog readers....How is your Saturday going??
We are doing what we do most saTURDays.
What is it you say? Absolutely NOTHING....its what we do best, lol.
Everyone sleeps in, wanders around in jammies till noonish,
eats brunch & either watches the boob tube or watches the boob tube.
Nothing exciting, but that's how we like it. Sort of a relaxing day after a stressful week....Stress is evil.
Evil I say......evil.
Did I mention that stress was evil?? I spose I did.
On a beady little note, I have MORE beads to show you!
Can you believe this crap? What IS wrong with me anyway?
Beads 3 days in a row? Insanity at its best. Maybe its cuz I'm stressed.
Did I mention stress is evil?
Dont forget to place a BID on the new beedz on eBay....Click on picture!

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