August 12, 2008

Apricot Brandy

It was Teresas 87th birthday yesterday. If you haven't guessed yet, she's the one with the birthday cake hat on.

Which is somewhat of a tradition in our family. Remind me later to tell you. We had marble cake & vanilla bean ice cream. Good times. When are birthdays not a good time??
I love excuses to stuff your face full of cake.

Your wondering about the Apricot Brandy aren't you? This is Teresas sister, Liz.
Liz is 94 years young. She's not only still driving & has full memory but she's full of life & laughter. She tips back a shot of Apricot Brandy DAILY.....
Ninety Four! Amazing....she looks great.
I think I'll take up drinking. Its gotta be the apricot brandy. Its gotta be.
I love excuses to drink alcohol.

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