November 9, 2008

No more Haunted Houses!!!

Gary and I went back over to the old house and got er all cleaned up.
There is NOTHING we miss about that place. Nothing.

Most of you that know us, know how haunted Embassy Ct., is/was.
Some of you of course are on the fence about Ghosts and Spirits, but stay ONE night in our old house and you'll be a firm believer in the Paranormal.

I am just soo glad to be out of there. That place really put havoc on our family....I cant believe how much we all simply sleep better, being away from that place! Even the dog was spooked when I brought her over with us, to get it cleaned up. When the dog is spooked, then you REALLY wonder, lol.

We had really intended on buying that home too. It was a little big, but we had started to really settle, and living on the Golf Course was soo divine.
Soo peaceful.....or at least we THOUGHT it was peaceful.
Boy were we wrong.
Unfortunately, the haunting in the belly of that evil house, made the golf course seem NOT soo peaceful anymore.

And having Ghostbusters come out was definately an experience to remember, lol.....actually they are called Paranormal Investigators.

I like Ghostbusters better, dont you??
We learned soo much about the paranormal and Gary actually became a "believer" out of all this. I think when you hear and see things that are not of the normal realm, it makes you really 2nd guess your own thinking.

And no, they didnt come out in traditional Ghostbusters Uniforms or drive the cool white ambulance hearse, lol....nor did the Marshmallow Man stalk our neighborhood with sticky goo, but wouldnt THAT have been cool?

As I finished cleaning today, I turned around to take that one "last" look,
and I was reminded of the paranormal insanity we all suffered for almost a year there. I still cannot believe we actually LIVED with all that?

The dark Shadow Person that ran thru our home, even in broad daylight, scaring all the kids, the constant door slamming without the doors actually shutting, the sound of your name being whispered right in your ear and of course the maddening feeling of KNOWING you shut off ALL the lights a minute ago, WHY are they ALL back on?? Oh, and we cant forget the nightime footsteps walking thru the house, over and over and over.

Hours at a time, it would walk at night, pacing up and down the floorboards.
You think you can "catch" someone walking, you've already blamed ALL the kids for being up, lol ....Then you run like a bat out of hell up the stairs and its dark and quiet.

The scratching within the walls of the house and the simple dark feeling that your living with "something" that you can feel is watching you. Constantly.

I could go on and on, but I wont bore you with all the ghostly details, lol....
I know most people have their own ghost stories and others just dont.
You will always have those that just DONT believe and wont bother to even try.

Gary was one of those that didnt believe. Until he came face to face with "it" on the stairway one night.

He's a firm believer now.

I am soo thankful that we moved. Soo thankful we dont come home anymore to items being moved or thrown, no more negative feelings.....
I am soo thankful that we all survived the insanity that went on in that house we once called a home.

If we can survive all that, we can survive anything.
Its a great feeling knowing that we come home now, and there is peace.

Peace is good.
Funny the things people are thankful for.
We are just thankful our new home isnt haunted, lol.....

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